Fabulous Fabletics! {and a Fit Foodie 5K Race Winner}

I’ve professed my love of Fabletics before, so as a huge fan already, I was ecstatic when I heard they were going to be one of the sponsors of the Fit Foodie 5K Race Weekend in San Diego, where I will be attending as an ambassador.  As part of the ambassador program, Fabletics sent us each an outfit of our choice.  I already own several of their workout pieces, but you can never have too many workout clothes, right?

I wore these really great running shorts for the E.T. Full Moon Midnight Half Marathon:


And I always gets tons on compliments on this racerback top when I wear it to my gym class:


I am in love with these ombre leggings:


And now, I’ve got a pretty sweet running jacket and new running capris to add to my collection:


I can’t say enough good things about Fabletics.  The quality of the clothes is top notch.  Everything is comfortable and very stylish and I love having a new workout outfit each month.  Their customer service is awesome too.  One of my pieces didn’t fit right, so I was able to send it back and get a new one super fast, all free of charge!  Now that is what I’m talking about.  Great style, superb quality and excellent customer service.  Definitely a winning combination.

Fabletics by Kate Hudson offers high performance fabrics and fashion-forward styles. Get a complete outfit for only $25 (Top + Bottom) by visiting their website here.

You can also check them out on social media here:


And, I’m very excited to announce the winner of a pair of tickets to the Fit Foodie 5K Race and Finisher’s Village:


Congratulations Anne!  I’ll be in touch with you!


Cross Training Footwear

This morning as I was at my gym, waiting for my Body Pump class to start, I snapped a photo of my shoes and then got to thinking about them.


I spent a lot of thought, time (and let’s be real here) money on my running shoes.  I got a gait analysis done and was fitted for the best shoes for my body.  But for my cross training, I usually just wear a really old pair of sneakers that are so beat up, they look like they’ve been through the ringer, more than once.  And today I got to thinking, why do I put so much effort into my running shoes and hardly a thought at all into my cross training shoes.  After all, lifting weights, squatting and lunging all require support from your feet.  So, throwing on the oldest, most worn pair of shoes from the back of my closet probably isn’t doing me any favors.

So, since I know literally nothing about cross training shoes, I want to hear from you.  Do you wear a different pair of shoes for cross training?  What are they?  What do you look for in cross trainers?  Educate me!

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Gym Class Etiquette (Air Your Grievances Here)

After about a 3 year hiatus, I recently got my gym membership back.  I was doing just fine without it, running outside and doing workout videos at home, but I wanted more variety in my workouts and I’d much rather wake up at 5am knowing I’m going to exercise with real life people rather than stare at my TV doing the same workout video again and again and again.  So, I started going back, mostly for the classes.  I go to the Las Vegas Athletic Club and between their 5 locations in the valley, they offer pretty much every class imaginable.  My favorite is Body Pump because I suck at lifting weights and think it is so boring and this class makes it fun and way less intimidating.  Other than my 3 year hiatus, I’ve been going to the same class with the same instructor (and the same regulars) for about 10 years.  Wow, I feel really old now.  So, being a gym class expert (yup I now consider myself an expert) I feel like there are a few forms of etiquette that should be no brainers when taking a gym class, but judging by certain individuals that attend the same classes as me, these rules apparently need to be spelled out.


  • Do not arrive late.  Especially if the class requires any kind of set up (weights, step, mat, etc.).  In theory, you really should be there 5 minutes early, so you’re already late if you’re on time, and extra late if you show up at any time after the class is scheduled to begin.
  • If you arrive late (which I can understand if this happens occasionally because things beyond our control do happen) do not leave early.  Especially if the class is an hour long and you arrived 5 minutes late.  You should not be leaving when the class is half over.  I mean, seriously?  You did what, like 20 minutes of an hour long class?  Yes, there are people (more than one actually) that do this every single time.
  • If the class requires equipment, do not disrupt the class to put your equipment away that you’re done with while the class is still going on.  I know it will save you like what, 10 seconds?  Trust me, you’ll be fine.  You can put your stuff away at the end of class like everyone else.
  • Do not leave the room while the class is ongoing and then come back in, unless it is an emergency.  If you need a drink of water, bring a water bottle.  It’s really disruptive to have people coming in and out during a class.
  • Do not groan and complain when the instructor informs the class that you’ll be doing a particular routine/exercise/move that is difficult.  They are there to help you get stronger and the only way you will get stronger is by challenging yourself.  If you don’t like it, you’re free to go work out on your own.
  • Say hello to the instructor when they come in and say goodbye and thank them when you are done.  They are showing up day in and day out to help and motivate you to become a better person, and probably not getting paid more than a few bucks and a free gym membership.  So the least you can do is thank them.

As I said, I feel like these are no brainers when it comes to attending a gym class, but there are several culprits in the classes I attend, so maybe by me posting this, the word will spread and somehow get back to them.  One can only hope, right?


What things to you see people doing at the gym that annoy you?  Go ahead, air those grievances!

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