Fabulous Fabletics! {and a Fit Foodie 5K Race Winner}

I’ve professed my love of Fabletics before, so as a huge fan already, I was ecstatic when I heard they were going to be one of the sponsors of the Fit Foodie 5K Race Weekend in San Diego, where I will be attending as an ambassador.  As part of the ambassador program, Fabletics sent us each an outfit of our choice.  I already own several of their workout pieces, but you can never have too many workout clothes, right?

I wore these really great running shorts for the E.T. Full Moon Midnight Half Marathon:


And I always gets tons on compliments on this racerback top when I wear it to my gym class:


I am in love with these ombre leggings:


And now, I’ve got a pretty sweet running jacket and new running capris to add to my collection:


I can’t say enough good things about Fabletics.  The quality of the clothes is top notch.  Everything is comfortable and very stylish and I love having a new workout outfit each month.  Their customer service is awesome too.  One of my pieces didn’t fit right, so I was able to send it back and get a new one super fast, all free of charge!  Now that is what I’m talking about.  Great style, superb quality and excellent customer service.  Definitely a winning combination.

Fabletics by Kate Hudson offers high performance fabrics and fashion-forward styles. Get a complete outfit for only $25 (Top + Bottom) by visiting their website here.

You can also check them out on social media here:


And, I’m very excited to announce the winner of a pair of tickets to the Fit Foodie 5K Race and Finisher’s Village:


Congratulations Anne!  I’ll be in touch with you!


Fit Foodie 5k Race Giveaway!

Remember when I told you that I will be attending The Fit Foodie 5K Race Weekend on November 14-16 in San Diego as a Fit Foodie Ambassador??  Well, guess what?  The Fit Foodie Weekend organizers have been so generous as to offer up a pair of tickets the 5K race and Finisher’s Village!

This event is the ultimate celebration of food, family, and fun.  I am so excited to be a part of the event as a Fit Foodie Ambassador, if you are in the area, I hope you will join me!


The Fit Foodie 5K Race Weekend is jam-packed with delicious food, cooking and fitness demonstrations, a yoga session, and a Power Systems Obstacle Course Bootcamp, led by celebrity trainer Patrick Goudeau.  Also expect to rub elbows with editors and contributors from Cooking Light and Health magazines who will be on hand to share tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, 10 percent of the sale of each ticket for the 2014 series will benefit City of Hope, a leading treatment and research center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

I appreciate your help and hope that you will join me on this journey to health, happiness, and giving back.  Hope to see you there!




To enter to win, leave me a comment below telling me why you got into running!  Then follow the Rafflecopter link to enter!  Contest ends Friday (11/7) night at midnight (PST).  Winner will be announced on Monday, 11/10.  Good luck!

Midnight Cowboy Run Recap (and Lavilin winners!)

Well, I’m pretty certain that my 5k days are over.  My body just does not like running 5ks.  Here’s why.

A while back, Jus Run, a local race company was offering a deal on their races for one day, so my husband and I decided to sign up for their Midnight Cowboy Run.  Vince opted for the 10k, while I wanted to try to PR a 5k since I hadn’t done one in a while.

I am in the middle of training for my next half marathon, and didn’t want to get behind on my long runs, so I met up with my run club Saturday morning and did a 7 mile run.  I took it nice and easy so I wouldn’t tire myself out for the race that night.


This was another midnight race and once again I was questioning what in the world I was thinking signing up for a midnight race.  I was pretty tired Saturday night, so after we dropped the kids off at Nana’s, I took about an hour nap before it was time to head over to the race venue.

It had been raining on and off all evening and there was a ton of lightening and thunder all over the valley.  We were actually wondering if the race would be cancelled, but once we got there the rain had mostly subsided.  We picked up our packets and got our bibs and timing chips on.  Then it started raining again, so we went back to our car and waited it out.  We had about 10 minutes until the start time and the rain was starting to subside so we got out and headed over to the start area.  Before the race started, we all sang the national anthem and right in the middle of it, we got a complete downpour.  Everyone headed for cover hoping it would subside as quickly as it came on, but we were not that lucky.  We had about two minutes until go time and it was just a torrential downpour.  We all reluctantly headed over to the start line and everyone was just completely soaked from our head to our toes.  My shoes and my socks were drenched.  Ugh.  Finally it was go time and we were off.  It was still pouring rain, but thankfully after about five minutes into the race it stopped.

I could tell almost immediately that I wasn’t going to PR this race.  My legs were tired from my morning run and combined with having soaked shoes and socks, I just knew it wasn’t going to happen.  But, I gave it my all as best as I could.

The course was on a trail that parallels our beltway freeway here, so nothing really scenic.  Just an out and back which was mostly flat except for one area where there was a ramp going up to a bridge that crosses over the freeway.  There were two girls ahead of me that I was trying to catch, but at the turn around, one of them kept going, so I knew she must have been doing to 10k, which meant I was in 2nd place for the females.  After I turned around, I saw Vince and he yelled at me to “Go!” which was just the push I needed to wrap this thing up.  I was running neck and neck with a guy on the last mile.  I think we were really pushing each other, which was pretty cool.  The finish line was finally in sight and I pulled ahead of him and ran as fast as I could towards it.  And then….disaster!  I started dry heaving.  I kept running but it wouldn’t stop.  And then, literally about 5 feet from the finish line, I started throwing up.  Horrible.  I stumbled across the finish line, threw up some more (I can’t wait to see my finish line photos ::insert sarcasm:) and sheepishly apologized to the photographer and the people handing out the medals.  I was so embarrassed.  I grabbed some water and headed over to the computers to see my time.  I still ended up getting 2nd place overall for the females, with a time of 22:55, but it wasn’t a PR.


Oh well, I can’t complain.  I did the best I could given the circumstances.  Oh and I got this pretty award!


After I got settled, I waited at the finish line for Vince.  When I saw him coming, I could see he was almost neck and neck with another runner.  They were hauling towards the finish line, and the other guy just barely got there before him.  They shook hands and congratulated each other.  Vince did such an amazing job.  The guy he was so close with was in his age group, and ended up with 2nd place, which put Vince in 3rd place in his age group!  His official time was 53:55.  Awesome job my love!



The race was put on very well, as usual and Jus Run always gives out great awards.  All the finishers got this cool bottle opener medal and a nice tech shirt.



So while everything ended up okay, I don’t know if I want to do any more 5ks.  The last 5k I did, the exact same thing happened, except earlier in the race, so I actually had to stop twice to throw up.  My body wants to run faster, and is fully capable, but my stomach just won’t allow it.  When this happened before, I thought maybe it had been something I ate, but I think this is just my body’s reaction to really pushing myself.  Sometimes I feel this coming on when I do speed work, but doing the recovery laps in between sets makes it subside.  If anyone body has any suggestions, I’d love to hear it.

And, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Our Lavilin winners!


Congratulations Billie and Robin!  I’ll be in touch to arrange your prizes!


I’m back and I’ve Got an Exciting Giveaway!

Well after a little hiatus (aka whirlwind trip to the east coast and busy with life in general) I am back to the blogging world.  Did you miss me?  No?  Well, that’s okay if you didn’t.  But now that I’m back, I have a really exciting giveaway for you!

A couple of months ago I opened up my monthly Ipsy bag and was pleasantly surprised to find a sample of Lavilin’s Jojoba Gel Cream in it that can be used for post workout relief.  Now, real quick, if you don’t know what Ipsy is and you like trying new beauty products, you must check them out.  It is a monthly subscription service where each month you get a package in the mail with 5 different beauty products all tucked inside a cute little makeup bag.  Some of the products are sample size, but many are full size and it’s all for only $10 a month!  Such a bargain!  I have discovered so many awesome beauty products that I never would have tried otherwise and it’s also helped me branch out a little and experiment with different looks.

Okay, so now back to the Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream.  I was so excited to try this gel cream post workout to see if it really did anything, and I can honestly say it did not disappoint!  Each day after I run, I rub this into my legs after getting out of the shower and it makes them feel aaaaaaamazing!  Have you ever put on your favorite pair of comfy sweats right out of the dryer when they’re still warm and they just feel so good on your legs?  That is what this gel cream feels like.  It is just so soothing and leaves you with a warm, relaxing feeling in your muscles.  I am in love with it so much.


So, after going through my sample from my Ipsy bag pretty quickly, I contacted Lavilin to see if they would send me some Jojoba Gel Cream that I could give away on my blog.  Well, being such an awesome company that they are, they not only sent me a giant tub of the Jojoba Gel Cream for myself, but they also sent me two additional tubs to give away, along with some additional products that I didn’t even know they made!

In addition to the Jojoba Gel Cream, they also sent me a some of their 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant and their Underarm Deodorant Cream.  Now being the somewhat hippie that I am, I stopped using antiperspirant/deodorant that contains aluminum several years ago.  So I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw that neither of these deodorants contained aluminum.  And not only are they aluminum free, but both products last for days!  The 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant lasts for well, as I’m sure you can guess, about 72 hours.  And the Underarm Deodorant Cream can last for up to 1 week.  How amazing is that?  So for the past six weeks or so, I’ve been alternating between the two and while I love them both, I am partial to the 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant because it has a nice scent to it that I like.  The Underarm Deodorant Cream is also great, and I love that it only needs to be applied about once a week (I know you probably are shaking your head, but it really lasts that long), but it is unscented and I like having a little bit of a fresh scent in my underarm area.  But I can say that both are really great products and I would definitely recommend them.



So, on to my giveaway!  Two lucky readers will be winners this time around!  The first prize is a tub of the  Jojoba Gel Cream and one 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant.

Lavilin 1

The second prize is a tub of the  Jojoba Gel Cream and one Underarm Deodorant Cream.

Lavilin 2

I will let the first winner pick which prize they want, and the second winner will get the alternate prize.  Comment below and tell me if you are interested in these products and why, and then follow this Rafflecopter link to win.  Contest ends Friday night at midnight (PST) and winner will be announced on Monday, September 22nd.  Good luck!

ET Full Moon Midnight Race Recap {and a LÄRABAR winner!}

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know the reservations I was having about doing the ET Full Moon Midnight Race.  If not, you can read about it here.  I decided to just go into it with a good attitude and make the best of it, even though I was really worried about running a race at midnight and probably not getting home until the wee hours of the morning, since the location was a 2 hour drive away.

On Saturday, I just did my typical thing, swim lessons with the kids, errands, etc.  I ate what I would normally eat, having dinner around 6pm.  I headed over to the Hard Rock Hotel around 7:30pm to pick up my race packet and meet up with my run club before boarding the bus to Area 51.  There was a costume contest for the race, and dressing up was encouraged, so it was fun seeing people that really went all out (and most of them were from my run club!).



Around 8:45pm we started boarding the buses.  There were about 30 people from my run club (Las Vegas Runners) that participated in this event, so we all were able to ride the same bus together.  It was about a 2 hour drive to Rachel, Nevada, where Area 51 is, so I downed a cup of coffee right before getting on the bus but actually ended up napping for the last 45 minutes of the drive, which was so great and made me feel so refreshed when we got there.

Our first stop was to drop off the participants for the 51k and the full marathon at their start line.  These people are seriously rock stars!  I couldn’t imagine running a full marathon, let alone a 51k at midnight, but there were a ton of participants for those distances.  I was so impressed!  The drop off location also happened to be the location of the infamous Black Mailbox.  After making a pit stop and posing for a photo op with the Black Mailbox (which is not actually black by the way) the rest of us participating in the half marathon and 10k were off to our start lines.  The 10k race was an out and back, so they started at the finish line and the half marathon was a point to point, so we were dropped off about 13 miles up the road from the finish line.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  Between low 70s and high 60s.  It was a little cold waiting at the start line, but once we got moving it was wonderful and such a nice change from the hot summer weather in Vegas.  I put on all my glow sticks (this was the extent of my “costume”) and head lamp and got ready to begin.


At this point I was wide awake.  The adrenaline had definitely kicked in and there was so much great energy from the participants and organizers.  There were several professional photographers getting people to snap fun photos and so many people were dressed up with fun alien themed costumes and accessories.  I also ran into my Body Pump instructor!  It really made for a fun time!

Before I knew it, the countdown was on for the start and we were off!  I really wanted to work on pacing myself so I started out slow and just tried to keep a nice steady pace.  The first couple of miles flew past and as the runners started to spread out I really got caught up in the moment and was enjoying the race so much.  If you’ve never ran a night race before, the one word I would use to describe it is peaceful.  For most of the race the people in front of me were far enough ahead and the people behind me were far enough behind that I was pretty much alone.  It was so peaceful being out there on this lonely stretch of highway with nothing but me, the road, the full moon and the stars.  I don’t race with music and I was really happy for that during this race because I would have missed out on this total Zen moment.  I don’t know if it was the sleep deprivation or what, but for most of the race it was almost like an out of body experience where I was floating up in the stars, lost in happy thoughts while my body was down on the road doing all the work.  It was incredible.

The half marathon course was basically 13.1 miles in a straight line along Highway 375 (aka Extraterrestrial Highway).  The first 6 miles were uphill, about 1,000 feet of climb and the last half of the race was downhill.  Most of the climb was gradual, so it wasn’t too bad and once I reached the halfway mark and crested the top of the hill, it felt so good to just fly down the road.  The road was closed to traffic for the race so we didn’t have to worry about cars.  And a meteor shower just happened to be happening that night, so it made for some awesome night skies.

There were 3 fuel stations for the half marathoners (and I had brought my own Pocket Fuel Naturals as well) but I didn’t end up fueling at all for this race.  I don’t know if it was because of the time of the race and I had eaten during the day, but I just didn’t need it.  I had my hand held water bottle and took sips throughout the race, but other than that I didn’t have anything else.  I was feeling so good during this race, and because I didn’t need to stop at any of the fuel stations, for the first time ever, I ran a half marathon without stopping or walking at all.  I was having a total Forrest Gump moment where I just kept running!


The race went by so fast.  I remember passing the mile 11 marker and actually thinking to myself that I was a little sad that it was almost over because it was that enjoyable.  Usually when I get to this point in a race I just want to be done, but I really felt like I could have kept running forever!  I had my Garmin on me, but I didn’t check it even a single time, so I had no idea where I was at time wise.  This is how I’ve decided to run every race ever since I accidentally left it at home for the Moms Rock 10k (and ended up with a PR).  I will wear it just so I can check my distance in case the course isn’t clearly marked, but I have the lap feature turned off so it doesn’t beep at each mile and the display only shows me overall time and distance (if I choose to look at it).  For me, I would much rather focus on how my body is feeling then getting caught up in my pace.

Before I knew it, I was passing the mile 12 marker and it was the final stretch.  I could start making out the finish line and sprinted to the end.  When I crossed, I looked up and saw 1:53 and change on the clock.  I was really proud of myself!  I though for sure that I was going to be over 2 hours because I had felt so good for the whole race that I assumed it was because I was running slower.  I got my medal and posed for some photos with some of my friends at the finish line.

After that I was wandering around trying to find a bathroom and some food when I heard my name called on the loud speaker.  My first thought was, “Oh great, they must have lost my bag or something.”  I went up to the table and they handed me an award.  I asked what it was for and they said I got 1st place in my age group.  I couldn’t believe it!  I think my face probably looked about like this:


I ended up with 4th place overall for the females and 1st place in the 30-39 age group with an official time of 1:53:26.  Several of the runners from my run club placed as well which made for such a great feeling for all of us!

I have to give a big shout out to Joyce from Calico Racing as well.  The race was so organized from start to finish and considering all the logistics (bus transportation, multiple start lines, road closure, time of race, etc.), she did an amazing job.  Did I also mention she hand made all of the placing awards?  It is such a cool award made out of Peridot (August’s birthstone).  Plus we all got a cool alien themed tech shirt!



I rolled in around 6am and could only sleep for about 2 hours before my body just decided that was it, so I’m definitely still trying to get back to normal.  But, it was so worth it!  I was so worried about this race and it ended up being so much fun, and definitely the best I’ve ever felt in any previous half marathon race.  I really want to do this one again!

Also, we have a LÄRABAR winner!


Congrats Sue!  Sue is also a blogger.  She writes This Mama Runs For Cupcakes.  Go check out here blog too.  You won’t be disappointed!

Fueling With Real Food, Part 5: LÄRABAR {and a giveaway!}

I was so excited when I recently found Pocket Fuel Naturals that I started searching around for other convenient, natural, prepackaged foods to fuel with and lo and behold I came across  LÄRABARLÄRABAR makes these delicious bars made from a blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices.  Their bars are made from completely natural ingredients (each bar has only 2-9 ingredients), gluten free, vegetarian and come in 19 unbelievably delicious flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Coconut Cream Pie.  You all know how much I’ve professed my love for fueling with dates, so I was thrilled when I was researching the ingredients to these bars and realized that they are all made with dates!  Honestly, you could probably look at the ingredients and make up your own similar bars because there’s nothing complicated in them, just whole natural foods, but who has time for that when you can buy these yummy little bars all neatly packaged and ready for you to eat?  Winner winner chicken dinner!

I contacted LÄRABAR and they generously sent me some of their bars to try, so when I was out on my 12 mile long run a couple of weekends ago, I took one of these along with me to fuel with.  I was meeting up with my run club to do an 8 mile run, so I went out early, got in 4 miles and fueled with a Peanut Butter Cookie bar before finishing up the last 8 miles.


These bars are moist and chewy, very similar to dates in texture.  And because they’re made with dates, they are naturally really sweet with no added sweeteners. Most of their bars contain plenty of carbohydrates, protein, potassium and sodium to fuel with effectively completely on their own.  So if you’re doing an intense workout, all you need are some of these and water!  How nice is that?  They taste great and I felt like I had enough energy to finish my run.

Also, because these bars are so healthy, you don’t have to limit eating them to only during a workout.  They make a great snack too!  My 2 year old saw me eating one and wanted to try it.  She ended up finishing off the whole thing (and she is a super picky eater).  My husband and I snacked on them while at Disneyland last week too and even he was impressed with how good they tasted considering there are no sugar or artificial ingredients in them.  These are definitely going into my diaper bag for those never ending snack requests from my girls and I’ll be sure to fuel with these in my future long runs!

And now for the giveaway!  LÄRABAR has graciously offered to send one lucky reader a caddy of 16 mixed LÄRABAR flavors!  Can I win my own giveaway?  I would love a box of these!


To enter to win, click on this Rafflecopter link.  Contest starts Wednesday, August 6th at 12:00am (PST) and ends Friday night at midnight (PST).  Winner will be announced on Monday.  Good luck!

And the Winner Is…

Just a quick post today as we are busy getting ready for our summer vacation.  My Pocket Fuel Naturals giveaway has ended and the winners are (in order):


Congratulations ladies!  I will be in touch to coordinate your prizes!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

And, just for fun…what are your weekend plans?