Santa’s Magic Key

We’ve been having so much fun with our mailbox inspired by Play At Home Mom.  My 4 year old has been writing so many letters and drawing pictures to put in the mailbox.  It is such a joy to see her learning and enjoying learning so much.

The other night as we were laying in bed, Annalie and I were having our usual pillow talk conversations when she asked me, “Mommy, how does Santa get in our house since we don’t have a chimney?”  I wasn’t really sure how to answer her, so I just told her I wasn’t sure, but maybe she could write a letter to him and ask him.  She loved that idea.  In the meantime, I took to Facebook to ask my friends if they had any creative ideas for an answer to her question.


One of my friends suggested I get her a Santa’s Magic Key.  What is that you ask?  Well, it is a key from Santa for people that don’t have a chimney.  You hang it on your font door on Christmas Eve, and the magic key lets Santa into the house.  What a fun idea!  I found a bunch of different styles of keys on Etsy, and decided on this one.


A few days later, Annalie got to writing her letter.  She of course had to add some spiders and spider webs because Santa obviously likes spiders and spider webs.


We put her letter in the mailbox that night and while she was sleeping, I swapped it out for an envelope containing the key.

In the morning, she was so excited to check the mailbox and could hardly believe it when she saw the envelope!


She was jumping around, giddy with excitement!


She opened the envelope and pulled out the little stocking containing the key.


I read her the poem that came with the key, saying that the key was magic and that it wouldn’t work for us, but that it would work for Santa and that we should hang it on our door on Christmas Eve.  She was completely fascinated that Santa wrote her back and gave her a magic key.


Stella was even more excited and pretty much carried the key around with her all day long.


Annalie couldn’t stop talking about how Santa wrote her a letter all day.  We met up with some friends at the park and she told them all about it and showed them the key.  She even spent the afternoon drawing pictures for Santa and put them in the mailbox for him as well.

It is so much fun seeing the joy of magic and wonder of Christmas with my children.  And when you can transfer that into a learning experience (reading and writing) it just makes it even better.  What a great way to kick off the holiday season in our house.




Do you have any fun magic Christmas stories?


4 thoughts on “Santa’s Magic Key

  1. OMG, this is genius. I had this same conversation the other day with my son! I may have to buy one of these!!

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