A Wedding That Should be Anything But Bittersweet

Last weekend two of our wonderful friends, Rocco and Marek, got married.  We are so incredibly happy for them and wish them all the best in their marriage.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend their wedding because Rocco and Marek are a gay couple and gay marriage is not yet legal in Nevada, so they had to travel to another state for the wedding.  I say “yet” because coincidentally Marek’s law firm, where he is a partner, is currently fighting the constitutional ban on gay marriage in Nevada.  I have very high hopes that the courts will make the right decision and overturn the ban.

I remember the very first time in my late teens that I heard of couple being denied marriage because they were a same sex couple, and without even reading into it further, the first thought that immediately came to my mind was, “How is that legal?”  How could a person or persons be denied something in the United States of America because of their sexual preference?  This goes against everything that our country was founded upon.  Our country, which should be on the forefront of freedom is lagging behind on this issue and it appears to me that the biggest protestors are the religious organizations.

The three biggest arguments I’ve seen in opposition to gay marriage are 1.  It’s a sin.  2.  It’s a slippery slope.  3.  The children will be adversely affected.

So, I’d like to take a minute to go through these three arguments.  Number 1.  Gay marriage is a sin.  Okay, so some religions believe that gay marriage is a sin and therefore it should be illegal.  Well, what about the other things that are considered a sin that are legal?  Devout Catholics believe birth control is a sin.  Should we make birth control illegal?  Muslims believe eating pork is a sin.  Should we outlaw bacon?  Mormons believe that premarital sex is a sin.  Should we throw all those couples in jail that have intercourse outside of the bounds of marriage?  I’m all for religious freedom, and all of these religions have existed very comfortably being protected by laws in the United States for a very long time, yet when a religion actively opposes gay marriage based on their beliefs, they are practicing such an appalling form of hypocrisy.  They are imposing their religious beliefs on an entire population that may not hold those same beliefs.  It is wrong and unconstitutional.

Number 2.  It’s a slippery slope.  How many times have you heard this:  “If we let gay people get married, then pretty soon people will be marrying their dogs.”  Really?  No, really?  Comparing the marriage of two loving people to such an atrocious act as bestiality is not only incredibly insulting, but completely absurd.  Gay marriage is marriage between two PEOPLE.  How would this ever become a slippery slope to allowing humans to marry animals of a different species?

Number 3.  The children will be adversely affected.  Do you know what adversely affects children?  Broken homes.  Do you know what kind of homes children thrive in?  Homes with loving parents.  Regardless of the gender of the parents.  With a 50% divorce rate in the United States, we really should be celebrating the fact that two loving people are willing to take children in and raise them as their own, since often times gay couples turn to adoption when choosing how to have children.  Do you really think a child would be better off in an orphanage or in the foster system than adopted out to a loving gay couple?  Absolutely not.

The most baffling thing about opposition to gay marriage to me is that people are opposing love.  LOVE!  There are so many horrible things in this world we live in and people are against love?!?  I just don’t get it.  So, I will continue my support for gay marriage and will celebrate the day when people in my home state can get married and have their marriage recognized right here in Nevada.  I am very optimistic that gay marriage will be legal in each and every state in my lifetime.

Congratulations Rocco and Marek!





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