I’m back and I’ve Got an Exciting Giveaway!

Well after a little hiatus (aka whirlwind trip to the east coast and busy with life in general) I am back to the blogging world.  Did you miss me?  No?  Well, that’s okay if you didn’t.  But now that I’m back, I have a really exciting giveaway for you!

A couple of months ago I opened up my monthly Ipsy bag and was pleasantly surprised to find a sample of Lavilin’s Jojoba Gel Cream in it that can be used for post workout relief.  Now, real quick, if you don’t know what Ipsy is and you like trying new beauty products, you must check them out.  It is a monthly subscription service where each month you get a package in the mail with 5 different beauty products all tucked inside a cute little makeup bag.  Some of the products are sample size, but many are full size and it’s all for only $10 a month!  Such a bargain!  I have discovered so many awesome beauty products that I never would have tried otherwise and it’s also helped me branch out a little and experiment with different looks.

Okay, so now back to the Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream.  I was so excited to try this gel cream post workout to see if it really did anything, and I can honestly say it did not disappoint!  Each day after I run, I rub this into my legs after getting out of the shower and it makes them feel aaaaaaamazing!  Have you ever put on your favorite pair of comfy sweats right out of the dryer when they’re still warm and they just feel so good on your legs?  That is what this gel cream feels like.  It is just so soothing and leaves you with a warm, relaxing feeling in your muscles.  I am in love with it so much.


So, after going through my sample from my Ipsy bag pretty quickly, I contacted Lavilin to see if they would send me some Jojoba Gel Cream that I could give away on my blog.  Well, being such an awesome company that they are, they not only sent me a giant tub of the Jojoba Gel Cream for myself, but they also sent me two additional tubs to give away, along with some additional products that I didn’t even know they made!

In addition to the Jojoba Gel Cream, they also sent me a some of their 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant and their Underarm Deodorant Cream.  Now being the somewhat hippie that I am, I stopped using antiperspirant/deodorant that contains aluminum several years ago.  So I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw that neither of these deodorants contained aluminum.  And not only are they aluminum free, but both products last for days!  The 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant lasts for well, as I’m sure you can guess, about 72 hours.  And the Underarm Deodorant Cream can last for up to 1 week.  How amazing is that?  So for the past six weeks or so, I’ve been alternating between the two and while I love them both, I am partial to the 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant because it has a nice scent to it that I like.  The Underarm Deodorant Cream is also great, and I love that it only needs to be applied about once a week (I know you probably are shaking your head, but it really lasts that long), but it is unscented and I like having a little bit of a fresh scent in my underarm area.  But I can say that both are really great products and I would definitely recommend them.



So, on to my giveaway!  Two lucky readers will be winners this time around!  The first prize is a tub of the  Jojoba Gel Cream and one 72-Hour Roll-On Deodorant.

Lavilin 1

The second prize is a tub of the  Jojoba Gel Cream and one Underarm Deodorant Cream.

Lavilin 2

I will let the first winner pick which prize they want, and the second winner will get the alternate prize.  Comment below and tell me if you are interested in these products and why, and then follow this Rafflecopter link to win.  Contest ends Friday night at midnight (PST) and winner will be announced on Monday, September 22nd.  Good luck!


12 thoughts on “I’m back and I’ve Got an Exciting Giveaway!

  1. I’m a hippie too, as you well know 😉 I stopped wearing deoderant/antipersperant a while ago and love the idea of these products. Now that I’m running, I wouldn’t mind that leg gel to soothe my muscles! What a fun giveaway!

  2. Yay, I’m so glad you are back! Next time your on the East Coast, let’s make a plan for a Boston meet-up okay?? 🙂 I would love to try anything that will soothe sore muscles after a tough run/workout! I have Birchbox, but I have heard great things about Ipsy!

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