Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Tomorrow a good friend of mine is moving clear across the country and I’m so sad about it all.  I met her when my 4 year old daughter Annalie was a wee one through a Mommy and Me playgroup.  At the time, I was pretty much the first of my friends to have kids and she became one of my first mommy friends.  Several of the other moms in our playgroup were military wives, so I’ve had to say goodbye to some dear friends over the years (and it never gets any easier).  But, even though most of the people from our original play group moved away, we remained friends.  We have kids the same ages who love playing together and our husbands get along very well too, so it is a loss for the whole family seeing them leave Las Vegas.  Not only has she become a good friend, but her and I, as well as her husband all got into running around the same time, so she was also my BRF (Best Running Friend).  We ran our first half marathon together and were able to do some of the long training runs together too.



We also did a 10k together and her husband and I ran a half marathon together when she got injured and couldn’t do it.  Unfortunately she’s just coming off of an injury that sidelined her from running the past few months, so we weren’t able to run much together recently, but I really enjoyed the runs that we got in together.

We’ve made lots of memories over the years from playdates,


to swimming,


to that time we went camping in the desert in the middle of summer and about died of heat exhaustion.



Our whole family is going to miss their whole family and we are a little broken hearted right now.  Las Vegas won’t be the same without you guys.  Safe travels and good luck on your next adventure Evans family!  We’ll miss you so much!



Do you have a BRF?



6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

  1. Funny thing. One of my friends is moving out West from Florida right at the same time your friend is moving East. I know how special mommy friends are. We need them desperately. I hope you find someone else soon to share your running and family memories.

  2. This blog entry just made me cry my little eyes out. I will miss you guys so much! I hope we can have a racecation atleast once a year. You will find a new mommy friend and she will be one lucky lady.

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