Race Sign-Up Remorse

Have you ever signed up for a race without really thinking it though and then felt remorseful?  Well, that’s me right now.  A couple of months ago my run club posted that they were getting together to participate in the E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon.  The race location is about a 2.5 hour drive from Vegas so we would all ride up together in a bus, complete the race and then partake in the post race festivities which include food and beer!  Then take a bus back to Vegas.  My first thought was, “How fun!  Sign me up!”  So, I signed up right away for the half marathon distance and didn’t think too much about it.  Now that the race is in a couple of days, I’m starting to wonder what in the world I was thinking.  My biggest fear is that I’m going to be so tired that I’m just going to be miserable the whole time.  I am not a night person.  At all.  I usually go to bed no later than 9pm.  Even when I go out with my friends, 10pm is usually when I call it a night.  So, running a half marathon at midnight is not exactly sounding fun at the moment.  Not to mention, assuming I complete the race in about two hours, and try to catch the next bus home, I should be rolling in my door around 5am, which is when I normally start my day.  And, you know, this wouldn’t all be so bad if I could just come home and go to bed and sleep the whole day.  But I’ve got two kids.  And they’re little kids.  They’re not old enough to understand that mommy needs to sleep.  Sure I can pawn them off on my husband for a while, but any thoughts of sleeping the entire day away are not realistic at all…unless I check into a hotel room (hmmmmmm).  So here I am all full of race sign-up remorse.


So what am I going to do?  Well, to start off I’m going to try to be positive about it.  If I go into it thinking I’m going to hate it, then I probably will.  But if I try to look at the positives, like for example, that I love my run club and the people in it and this will be a great opportunity to hang out with them and get to know them a little better, then maybe I can manage to try to have a good time.  I’m also going to be partaking in lots of caffeine.  Lots and lots of caffeine.  Will this affect my performance?  Maybe.  But crossing the finish line all hopped up on caffeine sounds like a better plan than passing out and falling asleep on the side of the road at 2am, so I’m willing to risk it.  I’m also packing a blanket and my pajamas.  Yes, I will be the exhausted mom on the bus ride home all cuddled up with my blanket in my pajamas trying to catch some zzzzz’s.  And when all else fails, I’ll just have to tell myself, “Suck it up buttercup.”


So the moral of this story is…always think a race through before you sign up for it.  And if you’re in my run club and reading this post, I give you permission to use whatever means possible to keep me awake on Saturday!

Have you ever had race sign-up remorse?  Have you ever run a race you thought you would hate but ended up having a good time?

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11 thoughts on “Race Sign-Up Remorse

  1. I think you’d surprise yourself with how much adrenaline will power you through a night race. I did the Disney Wine & Dine and was yawning before the start at 10:30pm but I finished strong and was up until morning celebrating finish.

  2. Yea, the logistics may suck, but you know what? It will all be so new that your adrenaline will carry you through. You will have a great time! Have the hubby take the kids in the morning and get a 6 hour nap in, stay up the rest of the day and get to bed early that night. I do this all of the time working night shift.

    • That what I’m hoping for, the adrenaline! And actually, that is a great idea. If I get home at 5am and sleep 6 hours, that’s only until 11am. That’s totally realistic and I can definitely function on 6 hours of sleep! Thank you!

  3. My advice as someone who has done it twice(51k and 10K, plus volunteering and driving. Not smart!) is to start sat normally, eat normally, and TRY to sneak in a nap mid afternoon. I say try cause even I had a hard time. Then, just like it’s morning, eat your usual pre race breakfast for dinner. Yep. A little caffeine is ok, but don’t overdo it, you may suffer cramping. Bring something to eat on the bus(bananas or bar or so ething easy) and stay hydrated fri & sat. You’re sometimes at your best when you’re a little tired, honestly! You’ll do great, just keep it regular sat.

    • Thanks for the great advice Melissa! I am definitely going to try to take a nap when my girls go down for theirs on Saturday. And since I’m not doing the Saturday morning run, I’ll get to sleep in a little, so that should help too.

  4. Agree with some of the other comments that your adrenaline will kick in and you will make it through the race. Sleep on the bus ride back and you will be ok with a nap at home. We have our Ragnar race coming up and I’ve never stayed up for 2 days straight while having to run 3 times. I assume it will take me a few days to get over that one! Have a great time and don’t worry so much about pace.

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