Fueling With Real Food, Part 5: LÄRABAR {and a giveaway!}

I was so excited when I recently found Pocket Fuel Naturals that I started searching around for other convenient, natural, prepackaged foods to fuel with and lo and behold I came across  LÄRABARLÄRABAR makes these delicious bars made from a blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices.  Their bars are made from completely natural ingredients (each bar has only 2-9 ingredients), gluten free, vegetarian and come in 19 unbelievably delicious flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Coconut Cream Pie.  You all know how much I’ve professed my love for fueling with dates, so I was thrilled when I was researching the ingredients to these bars and realized that they are all made with dates!  Honestly, you could probably look at the ingredients and make up your own similar bars because there’s nothing complicated in them, just whole natural foods, but who has time for that when you can buy these yummy little bars all neatly packaged and ready for you to eat?  Winner winner chicken dinner!

I contacted LÄRABAR and they generously sent me some of their bars to try, so when I was out on my 12 mile long run a couple of weekends ago, I took one of these along with me to fuel with.  I was meeting up with my run club to do an 8 mile run, so I went out early, got in 4 miles and fueled with a Peanut Butter Cookie bar before finishing up the last 8 miles.


These bars are moist and chewy, very similar to dates in texture.  And because they’re made with dates, they are naturally really sweet with no added sweeteners. Most of their bars contain plenty of carbohydrates, protein, potassium and sodium to fuel with effectively completely on their own.  So if you’re doing an intense workout, all you need are some of these and water!  How nice is that?  They taste great and I felt like I had enough energy to finish my run.

Also, because these bars are so healthy, you don’t have to limit eating them to only during a workout.  They make a great snack too!  My 2 year old saw me eating one and wanted to try it.  She ended up finishing off the whole thing (and she is a super picky eater).  My husband and I snacked on them while at Disneyland last week too and even he was impressed with how good they tasted considering there are no sugar or artificial ingredients in them.  These are definitely going into my diaper bag for those never ending snack requests from my girls and I’ll be sure to fuel with these in my future long runs!

And now for the giveaway!  LÄRABAR has graciously offered to send one lucky reader a caddy of 16 mixed LÄRABAR flavors!  Can I win my own giveaway?  I would love a box of these!


To enter to win, click on this Rafflecopter link.  Contest starts Wednesday, August 6th at 12:00am (PST) and ends Friday night at midnight (PST).  Winner will be announced on Monday.  Good luck!


10 thoughts on “Fueling With Real Food, Part 5: LÄRABAR {and a giveaway!}

  1. Just tried a bar the other day! Wow!! They are so good. Love the sweetness and it filled me up. Would love to win so I can take them to school to get me through the day teaching first graders!!

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  3. I haven’t tried these, although I know my kids have and they LOVE them! Thanks for the giveaway!

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