Cross Training Footwear

This morning as I was at my gym, waiting for my Body Pump class to start, I snapped a photo of my shoes and then got to thinking about them.


I spent a lot of thought, time (and let’s be real here) money on my running shoes.  I got a gait analysis done and was fitted for the best shoes for my body.  But for my cross training, I usually just wear a really old pair of sneakers that are so beat up, they look like they’ve been through the ringer, more than once.  And today I got to thinking, why do I put so much effort into my running shoes and hardly a thought at all into my cross training shoes.  After all, lifting weights, squatting and lunging all require support from your feet.  So, throwing on the oldest, most worn pair of shoes from the back of my closet probably isn’t doing me any favors.

So, since I know literally nothing about cross training shoes, I want to hear from you.  Do you wear a different pair of shoes for cross training?  What are they?  What do you look for in cross trainers?  Educate me!

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13 thoughts on “Cross Training Footwear

  1. I have different shoes to cross train in. If I am teaching Group Power, I wear red Nike cross trainers. We have to be branded in Nike when we teach and teach in the program colors (so red, white and black!) When I cross train outside of teaching, I usually wear a pair of my old running shoes, but they usually only have around 300 miles on them, so they last a while and then I keep replacing them as I replace my running shoes. Once I “retire” them from x-training they are done for good!

  2. I love to wear minimalist shoes for working out. I feel like I get a better grip on the ground then with shoes with a lot of cushion. I wear nike free’s or my new balance minimus.

  3. I like to wear pretty shoes to the gym 🙂 So I buy whatever Payless has on sale, so just regular sneakers, and when they start looking worn out I replace them. I only wear them to the gym. I call them my non-running workout shoes. They’re to get into the gym to get to spin and to do BodyPump in.

  4. I wear Nike Free’s for most everything I do. I strongly believe that minimalist shoes or no shoe at all is the best way to go. I get a better ROM than with cushioned shoes. Barefoot running and barefoot circuit training is awesome, but I never lift weights without shoes on.

  5. I’m actually the same way, I use an old pair of shoes that I don’t run in anymore. Never even thought about needing a different pair!

  6. I agree that you should try a minimalist shoe with a 0 to 4mm heel drop like the NB Minimus. The 10mm+ heel drop on running shoes does not provide the stable platform that you need to execute proper squats, lunges, and deadlifts. During movement, they push you on to your toes, which you expend extra energy to overcome as you shift back on to your heels. The cushy soles unevenly distribute the forces that you want to go straight down to the floor through your feet and back up. I actually used to squat and deadlift in bare feet until the people at my gym told me I had to wear shoes. 🙂 The minimal shoes take some getting used to, but after a few workouts, I think you will appreciate the solid contact with the floor for BodyPUMP and the weight room.

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