Gametiime: A Great New Way to Find Your Next Race

If you’re like me, you’re constantly searching for that next race.  Am I right?  Well, I recently came across a great website that is so easy to use and so convenient, you’ll never have to look further to find your next race.  It called Gametiime (don’t forget the second “i” there!).


They recently contacted me with an invitation to check out their website and to provide them with feedback on it.  I’ve used other race searching websites, and I can honestly say I really like this one the best.  Visually, the website is laid out very well and it is really easy to navigate.  You can search for races by city and expand your radius up to 200 miles to include surrounding areas.  You can specify race length (anywhere from a 1k all the way up to Ultras).  You can specify race type such as trail run, obstacle run, road relay, etc.  They even include triathlons on there as well.


The races that pop up under your search criteria will specify right on the picture what kind of race it is, where it is located and the length so no need to click on every single one to find out the general details.  And you can even create an account to save races that you love.  It also keeps a history of races you’ve completed, you can upload photos and connect with other users on their website.  Their latest feature that they’ve added includes a section where you can add comments or ask questions about races for other Gametiime users to respond to.  This is one of my favorite features because what could be better than getting some inside scoop on a race from people who have actually run it already?  They even do some race giveaways too!  I’m really loving this website.  I highly recommend checking out Gametiime for your next race.  I’m sure you’ll love it too!

How do you find your races?




One thought on “Gametiime: A Great New Way to Find Your Next Race

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, VMR. If anyone has any questions or feedback, we’d be more than happy to chat about them here. Cheers to finding some more great races on Gametiime!

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