Our Annual Summer Utah Trip

Every summer I take the girls up to Utah to visit my sister and mom.  Usually we head up to northern Utah to my mom’s, but she retired last year and moved down to St. George to be closer to my sister and I, so this year that’s where we headed.


As usual, we had such a fun time.  My sister has 4 kids, 3 of which are girls, and they just love my two girls and vice versa.  They have so much fun playing together and all get along really well.  St. George is such a family friendly place.  There are so many affordable things to do with kids there and we got to take advantage of a lot they have to offer.


We hit up story time at the library one day, followed by lunch at Judd’s which is the cutest little soda shop that reminds me of something you’d see in the movies.

story time

photo1 (3)

Then carousel rides and water play at St. George Town Square.


photo2 (3)

Then another day we went to the Washington Recreation Center where they have a really great indoor/outdoor pool complete with slides, a lazy river and even a rock climbing wall!


We also hit up the Veyo pool, where there is a little creek beside it where you can fish for crawdads.

photo5 (2)

photo4 (2)

Annalie also got to try out one of her cousin’s friend’s skateboard one night.  I think we’ll probably be making a trip to the skate shop soon because she loved it!

photo3 (3)

Another night we went over to a neighbors house for swimming.

photo3 (2)

And my favorite activity of the whole trip, a movie in the park!  I’d never done this before and now I’m going to have to search out places here in Vegas that do it.  Everyone brought blankets for the kids to lay on, and most the adults brought lounge chairs.  We brought bags of popcorn and candy and the weather was actually really nice.  It was so fun watching a movie on a giant screen under the stars.  We will definitely be doing this again!

photo1 (2)

It was also really great being able to get up early and get some workouts in and having the older kids there to watch my kids while I was gone.  I did a solo 5 mile run one morning.


Then my sister, her friend Kelly, and I went for a 14 mile bike ride around this beautiful area surrounded by red mountains and lots of desert landscape.


Then my sister and I went out for a nice 8 mile run another day.

photo2 (2)

We also were able to hit up a hiking/camping/outdoor store called The Desert Rat because I wanted to check out some nut butter fuel packs they have (review to come later on those).

She is so lucky to live in such a beautiful area that has lots of trails.  I don’t think I would ever get used to all that beautiful scenery!

What a fun trip we had.  It went by so fast and I’m sad it’s over.  Now it’s back to the routine.  But at least summer’s not over yet and we still have a lot more fun things planned!

Do you have any summer trips planned?  What’s your favorite place to visit with your family?


9 thoughts on “Our Annual Summer Utah Trip

  1. What an awesome mini-vacation! And I love that you can workout with your sister, that is so awesome! We are trying to plan our summer vacation, we have 2 weeks off in August but a lot is dependent on how our dog is doing at that time, so we will see…it may be a lot of day trips!

  2. We are going to visit my parents at the end of July. That’s nothing new. We do visit them a lot but this time my brother, sister-in-law and niece are coming. Isaac and Natalie are only 6 weeks apart. They were actually due in the same week! I had Isaac early and she had Natalie a week late. They are from Arizona so we don’t see them often. 🙂

  3. So fun! They do movies in the park up at Tivoli Village for sure. I think the park across the street from GVR does too. I’ve been meaning to take Cassidy. We should make plans.

  4. It sounds like so much fun! Also the pictures are so cute, you are one super adorable family. My hubby and I have a trip with our friends to Cuba in a bit over a month. I’m stoked since I’ve never been there and heard so many great things about beaches and water there! xoxo

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