Yoga For Runners (and a Sweaty Bands Winner)!

Over the weekend, my run club, Las Vegas Runners, partnered with Yoga Sanctuary to host a Yoga For Runners workshop.  I’ve dabbled a bit in yoga since starting to run (my favorite being hot yoga) so I snagged myself a spot as soon as it was announced.  It was a 2 hour workshop held at noon on Saturday, and we had already met up for a 7 mile run that morning, so my muscles definitely were in need of some good stretching.  Angela Wright (Yoga Instructor, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, Sports Programming for Seniors) led the workshop.  She started us out with a brief explanation on why yoga is so beneficial to runners and how doing it on a regular basis can not only make you a stronger runner, but also help prevent injury and sore muscles.


We went through several yoga poses and stretches, using all kinds of equipment that I’d never tried in my previous yoga experiences like blocks, straps, blankets, the wall, etc.  I could definitely feel some of those stretches really working on my muscles and from the beginning to the end of the workshop I could really feel how much looser and more flexible my muscle had become.  Angela was wonderful.  She took the time to demonstrate the poses for us, giving us modification options for each one, and going around the room and personally helping us out when we needed it.  I definitely give her two thumbs up!

At the end of the workshop, she gave us all a handout with some really great information like different exercises to help with running, common running injuries and ways to avoid them, trail running tips, stretches, and some personal recommendations for books she loves, trainers, and therapists.

It was so informative and I am definitely going to adding some of this into my weekly workout routine.  Thank you Las Vegas Runners and Yoga Sanctuary for a great workshop!

Do you practice yoga?  If so, what is your favorite style?

Also, we have a Sweaty Bands winner!


Congratulations Arena!


7 thoughts on “Yoga For Runners (and a Sweaty Bands Winner)!

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