Dads Rock Too Race Recap (and a FlipBelt Winner!)

On Saturday, our whole family got into the racing groove with the Dads Rock Too race.  This was the second part of the Parents Rock series put on by Jus Run.  The first part was the Moms Rock, which I participated in (10k).  This time my husband wanted his shot at racing, so he signed up for the 5k while I signed myself and our 4 year old daughter up for the 1 mile fun run.  She was so excited to run her very first race and couldn’t wait until Saturday.

The race was held at Floyd Lamb State Park, which is such a beautiful park (if you don’t mind all the bird poop).  There is a ton of wild life, vegetation, and a fishing pond.  It is really picturesque.

photo1 (2)

The race started at 7am, so we had to be there bright and early.  We didn’t get a chance to pick up our packets the day before, but it was no problem getting everything that morning.  The race packet included some samples and a tech t-shirt.  They had some fun music going on and nice finish line set up.


We all got on our bibs (Annalie was so excited that she got to wear a bib) and lined up for the start.


The 5k-ers went first and about 5 minutes later the 1 milers got to go.


When it was our turn, we stepped up to the start line and we were off!  Annalie was such a great runner.  She was keeping a really good pace and having so much fun.  She loved spotting all the cones with the arrows and telling me, “Mommy, there’s a cone!  We have to go that way!  Okay, where’s the next cone?  There it is!  Let’s run fast to it Mommy!”  There were a couple of small hills and she got a little tired on, so we walked them.  She loved seeing all the geese and peacocks along the course too.


When we rounded the last bend, I told her to run as fast as she could towards the finish line and she did!  She was so proud of herself as they handed her the medal.  She is such a rock star!


When we got done, we waited for Vince to cross the finish line.  He did really well, official time of 25:23.


At the finish line they had the typical spread of bananas, muffins, water and Gatorade.  They handed out awards to the overall top 3 finishers and the top 3 finishers in each age group.  I was impressed by how many kids ran the 5k.  I think Annalie probably could have done it too.  Also, because I participated in the Moms Rock race and the Dads Rock Too race, I received a Parents Rock bonus medal.  Yay for more bling!  Did I  mention the Dads Rock Too medal is a bottle opener?  I love functional bling!


We had such a fun time racing as a family.  I can definitely see more of this in the future!


Did you race last weekend?  Do you ever race with your family?

Also, the winner of the FlipBelt giveaway is:

Flipbelt winner

Congratulations Lori!  Also, stayed tuned for my next giveaway to be announced tomorrow!


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