A really tough week…

This week was super tough for me.  My husband was away all week on a business trip, which meant my entire workout routine was completely hijacked by those two little things called children!  There was no meeting up with my run club at the track or hitting the gym for a class.  I couldn’t even run on my lunch break at work because


Yeah…running in the middle of the day in 106 degrees?  No thank you.  I choose life.

Not to mention all the extra burden of being the sole caretaker of my two little ones.  This made for just a really tough week.  I tried a couple of times to get up at 5am to do a workout video at home, but those little stinkers have a sixth sense or something, because they also though it would be a perfect time to wake up (and let me tell you, they did not wake up pleasantly…this was all monster).  So, I had to get really creative.

There was a workout video done at 9pm on Monday.  My faaaaavorite time of the day to work out (insert sarcasm).


A workout video done in an empty office at work during lunch (I think the guy who’s office is next door probably thinks I’m a lunatic now).


A 5 mile run pushing….oh about 75 pounds of kids and stroller weight on Wednesday.

jogging stroller

More videos done in the empty office at work on Thursday, followed up by a strength training video at home that night.


And a 3 miler with the jogging stroller on Friday (I think these run should count as double the miles, don’t you?).


Thank goodness the husband comes back today.  I know this is Father’s Day weekend, and he’s supposed to get the break, but I think one for me is well deserved too.

Do you ever have to get creative with your workouts?  Tell me about them!

Today is the last day to enter my FlipBelt giveaway!  Winner will be announced on Monday!



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