Why I Broke Up With TV

Sorry TV, we just can’t be together anymore.  I’m calling it quits.


I used to watch a lot of TV.  I remember before we had kids, the TV was on pretty much any time we were at home and awake.  All meals were eaten watching TV and I loved lazy Sundays after a night out with friends where my husband and I would basically lay on the couch all day and watch TV.  But then things started changing.

The first change was having our first daughter.  I had read a lot about how having the TV on in the background can interfere with language development and concentration.  It made sense to me…after all my husband is the biggest TV zombie there is (sorry My Love, but you are).  If the TV is on, it’s like he’s in another world.  I can’t even talk to him.  TV is meant to distract, that’s really the whole point of it, right?  So, we made the decision to not have the TV on when our daughter was awake (for the most part…I’m not a complete anti-TV Nazi here).  Since we generally didn’t watch TV when our kids were awake, my only TV watching was done after they went to bed, which was usually about an hour or so to wind down before hitting the hay myself.

Then, when my youngest was a little over a year old, I started exercising again.  I started out doing most of it at night, which pretty much replaced any TV watching time I had.  Then gradually I switched my exercising to mostly mornings, but because I typically get up between 4:15 and 5am to exercise, I can barely keep my eyes open at the end of the day when I would have sat down to watch TV (I seriously feel like a 4 year old).  So I pretty much all but stopped watching TV.  I’ve also pretty much stopped letting my kids watch TV as well.  On days they’re with me, we don’t even turn it on, but they do watch the occasional show when Nana is babysitting them.  My girls (just like their father) also turn into complete zombies when the TV is on, so I feel like it’s better for them if we just leave it off.

A couple of weeks ago, Angelica from hellyontherun posted a 100 Days of Summer Challenge, where basically you commit to do something (or not doing something in my case) for 100 days starting June 1st, that will make you healthier or happier.  I figured since I wasn’t really watching TV that much anymore, why not make it official and commit to not watching it for 100 days?


So, that brings me to today.  No TV for me at all for 100 days.  And, honestly, it has not been that hard at all.  Sure, I feel like a complete moron when we get together with friends and they all talk about their favorite TV shows, but I’m okay with that.  I actually happen to love to read, and fortunately a lot of movies and shows are based on books, so I always have that option (and the books are almost always way better than the movie anyway).  I will say I did cheat a little though.  Due to the crazy summer heat here, sometimes I run on the treadmill at the gym and each one has a TV right in front of it.  But, I’m not counting that because if you’re exercising while you’re watching TV I think you get a pass.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back to watching TV once the challenge is over.  I do have one TV series that I would like to finish (Mad Men) so I will probably watch that.  But, I don’t foresee me starting any new ones.  I kind of like life without it.

Do you watch a lot of TV?  Have you ever gone on a no TV watching spree?  Do you think I’m a cheater for watching TV while I run on the treadmill?


5 thoughts on “Why I Broke Up With TV

  1. I’m not a huge TV watcher myself. We got rid of cable about 5 years ago and I can never find anything on Netflix that keeps my interest for more than 2 episodes (except for Sherlock and Downton Abbey–my guilty, English pleasures). I spend most of my FREE time cooking, playing/coaching volleyball, listening to music, hanging out with friends, going to the park with my dogs and getting lots of rest. About a year ago, I dusted off my sewing machine and got back into it . So far a few pillows, some drapes and some doggy blankets–no big whoop. There is so much more to life than what’s on TV and you’ll have so much more time to do those things once you end that relationship 🙂 BTW, I love your blogs!

  2. I don’t watch a whole lot of tv personally but I like having it for the kids and my sanity. I watch a lot of sports stuff and the occasionally trash tv stuff but I would be fine without that stuff–but not basketball, I’d need tv between October and June 🙂

    I’m glad you’re doing so well with the challenge! I’m trucking but it’s very hard for me :/ I’ll need to message you whenever I’m feeling like I might cave ja!

  3. We are the same with the tv when it comes to Ash..he never saw the tv on until he was 2, we were militant about that. Now, only on the weekends, we let him watch 1 show, but he usually only lasts about 15 mins and wants to go play or read (which we are more than happy about.) I’d rather him play with us or independently than zone out. I personally LOVE tv, but like you, I get up before most of the world to work out, so I only get to watch about 45 mins (if that) a night, after Ash goes to bed and all my stuff for work the next day is ready. Even with only watching a little bit of tv, I could never give it up completely!!! You are amazing!

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