My First Blog Post

Hi! I’m Julia, but my friends call me Jules. Well, it’s official! I’m writing my very first Vegas Mother Runner blog post!  Although I’m not new to blogging (you can check out my other blog here), I wanted to start fresh with a new look and a new theme.  So here I am.  This blog will be more focused on running and fitness, with a little of parenting, Vegas life and whatever else comes across my mind thrown in.

This is my family. My amazing husband Vince and our two beautiful daughters Annalie and Stella.


If you didn’t know already, I am somewhat new to the running scene, but not new to fitness.  I’ve been active pretty much my whole life, starting at 6 years old on swim team.  Most of my fitness routines as an adult included classes at the gym, swimming, and a little bit of running on the treadmill.  However, my fitness journey came to a screeching halt after having my first baby and wasn’t much better after having my second.  But, about a year ago I finally made the decision to get back in shape.  I started working out gradually, a few days a week and just about dying from a 2 mile run, all the way up to my first half marathon in February of this year.  Running has become my favorite form of exercise, my therapy, and my escape.

I’ve completed a few running races to date, taken home a few awards, and am always striving to improve myself while making sure that I’m still enjoying what I’m doing.  Because if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?  I love running with other people, but also love a good solo run on the trails.  Living in Las Vegas allows runners to experience all kinds of running adventures from running at night on the strip to beautiful desolate trails, which is why I love it so much here.

I hope you will follow me on my running journey and enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it.  And if I can inspire just one person to become better, fitter or happier, than I will feel very accomplished.

So now that you know my story, tell me a little about you! Do you run? What’s your favorite way to exercise? Do you love your city as much as I love mine?

Happy running!



3 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. yay!! love your blog. way to go Jules. saw some of your upcoming races and plan on doing the Zion half in 2015 as well!!

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