A Weekend Full of Awesomeness

After last weekend’s amazingness, I didn’t think it could be topped, but this weekend did it.  I don’t work on Fridays and we didn’t have any plans, plus our first triple digit day, so I loaded up the kids and we spent the day at the Rio Hotel pool.  The Rio is great because they love locals.  They let us come crash their pool (actually all three of their pools) for free and one of their pools has sand!  What could be better when the beach is 300 miles away?  The kids and I had such a blast.  They were giggling and playing the entire time.  And the best part, they both took 3 hour naps when we got home.  Score!

Then later that day, I got to do my photo session that Vince got me for Mother’s Day, since it had to be rescheduled due to the wind.  This was a very special photo session for me because I wanted to get some professional pictures of me breastfeeding.  I’ve always loved old paintings of women nursing their babies.  I just think they are so beautiful.  This is one of my favorites, a Picasso called Maternity:


This was something I always wanted done, and never got around to it when Annalie was nursing.  Stella is still nursing (yes, I’m still nursing my 2 year old (never thought I would be saying that!)) and even though I don’t really have plans to wean her anytime soon, she doesn’t nurse that much anymore so I know our time is limited.  My dear friend Mandy, who owns Tiny Times Photography, and has been photographing our kids since they were babies, was finally doing photo sessions again after going through some medical issues, so I asked if she would do these photos for me.  She was absolutely thrilled to do these and was so comfortable taking the pictures.  She is such a talented photographer and the photos turned out beautifully.  I am so happy I got these done and will cherish them forever.

On Saturday, one of Vince’s close friends invited us to a charity gala for the Dave Rice Foundation to raise money for Autism awareness.  Dave Rice is the coach of the Runnin Rebels and his son has Autism.  Vince is a die hard fan of the Rebels so of course we were in, and it was being hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, who happens to be Howard Stern’s BFF, so I was very excited to go!  It was at the MGM Grand and a turned out to be a really nice event.  The food and wine were absolutely amazing.  They had some great entertainment and Jimmy was very funny.  I got to talk to him for a few minutes and had to tell him that I loved him at the Howard Stern birthday bash (he hosted that event as well).  He is from Las Vegas and is also a huge Rebels fan.  It was so great to meet him!

On Sunday, that 4:55am alarm was brutal.  I instantly regretted having that 4th glass of wine at dinner, but nothing some coffee and an ibuprofen couldn’t take care of.  I had to get up early because I was running another half marathon.  The BLM puts on a trail half marathon out at Red Rock every year and the best part…it’s free!  Of course, I didn’t find out about it until it was filled up, but about a week before the race a few people backed out, so I was able to snatch up a spot.  I didn’t think I was really prepared for it.  My longest run since I did the Xterra half marathon about a month ago was 7 miles, so I figured I’d just go out and have fun and not take it too seriously.  My friend Heather was supposed to run it with me, but she’s out for 4 weeks with multiple stress fractures on her leg.  So, her husband Jason took her place.  He is a really good runner.  He’s recently gotten into running ultras and loves trail running so it was perfect for him.  There were several people there from my running club (Las Vegas Runners) and a couple of other local running groups that I joined on Facebook (Run Grrrrls Run and Mom’s Run This Town) so I knew a ton of people there. 

This race was put on to raise awareness of wildfires, so there were a bunch of firefighters there and if you put money in one of their boots, they had to do a push up for every dollar.  That was fun to watch!

The weather was perfect, low 70’s and overcast with just a slight breeze.  I really wanted to work on pacing myself because I think I went out too fast on Xterra and was really hurting by the end.  We started out and I quickly noticed that Jason runs about the same pace as me so we ended up right along side each other.  He kept telling me to pass him if he was slowing me down, but I was just trying to keep up with him!  I had him beat a bit on some of the hills, but he is a beast when it comes to steep downhills….he literally just flies down while I’m such a klutz I’m doing everything I can just to not fall and break my arm (which I did actually fall like 3 times, but fortunately came away unscathed).  By about mile 4, we had picked off most of the runners to where I was the lead for the girls and Jason was the third or fourth guy.  It was absolutely beautiful out there and I loved taking in all the scenery on the course. 

The trail was extremely technical.  Most of it was steep up or steep down and very rocky.  There was no running all out fast, you really had to maneuver your way along.  There were a couple of flat sections, but even they were so rocky that you really had to watch where you were going.  We ran most of it, but did walk up a few of the really steep hills and we stopped at a couple of the aid stations and filled up our water bottles and refueled.  It was so cool having someone to run with that was the same speed as me.  We were both pretty tired by mile 12, and I swear that last mile was the longest mile ever.  As we went along, we ended up passing all but one guy, so when we got to the end Jason ended up with 2nd overall male and I ended up with 1st overall female!  I could not believe it!  My official time was 2:17:26.  Not bad for being somewhat unprepared, slightly hung-over and going off of about 6 hours of sleep.

Unfortunately since this was a free race, there were no awards, but I get bragging rights, so that’s enough for me!  The course was beautiful and I had so much fun.  I will definitely be signing up for next year!

What a great weekend!


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