Stella’s 2 Year Old Photos

Spring time brings on some gorgeous weather here in Las Vegas, but with the gorgeous weather always comes wind.  I’ve been trying to take Stella’s 2 year photos since she turned two years old a month and a half ago and every single weekend has been windy.  Yesterday, we finally got a beautiful wind-free Sunday afternoon, so I was finally able to get these pictures done!

Stella pretty much refuses to wear anything but dresses these days.  She hates anything on her legs (quite the opposite of Annalie who wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress), so I picked out a few different dresses and let her choose which one she wanted to wear.  She picked this cute little Minnie Mouse dress that went perfect with this sun hat that she was given for her 1st birthday that finally fits her (she calls it her cowboy hat and loves wearing it).

We did the pictures over at one of my favorite parks, Wetlands Park.  It’s so close to my house and has lots of trees, water and bridges that make for good photo ops.  I had to bribe Stella a bit with fruit snacks to get her to pose and smile, but for the most part she was very cooperative and I ended up with a handful of cute pictures.

She is just such a doll and gets cuter every day.  I’m so glad I was finally able to do these pictures!

And my personal favorite:

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