Stella’s 2nd Birthday Art Party

My little baby is 2!  I can’t believe it.  Time really does just fly by.  Thursday was Stella’s 2nd birthday and we had such a fun day together.  Vince and I both took the day off to spend as a family.  In the morning, we did birthday presents.  We got her some books and a Cozy Coupe car, which she has been playing in non-stop ever since.

Then we took the kids to Kids Play Café for some fun play time and lunch.  Then home for naps and we wrapped up her birthday with dinner out at Joe’s Crab Shack.  The food was mediocre at best, but the kids loved that we ate on the patio which happened to have a playground attached, and for dessert they each got a rice crispy crab with different sauces and a paint brush that they could paint their crab with.

On Saturday we threw Stella a birthday party.  Because she loves art, specifically painting, I thought what better than an art party theme?  It was so much fun putting it all together (thank you Pinterest) and she had a ball.  I set up the dessert table with the cake, paint palette cookies, rainbow cupcakes, lollipops and the party favors which I made out of miniature paint cans and filled with a mini water color paint set, crayons, play-doh and a note pad.  I also made a rainbow ruffle table skirt out of dollar store table covers and got some cute colored balls to hang from the ceiling.  Stella kept saying, “Wow!” every time she looked at the table.

We started out the party having each child paint their own picture to take home.  Clearly I’m insane for letting 12 toddlers paint at my house, but we did it outside (thank goodness for gorgeous Las Vegas weather) and the mess was minimal.  I got cute little colored aprons and fun sponge paint brushes in different shapes.  The kids really seemed to enjoy this, and they all made such cute paintings!

Then Silly Steve arrived for some fun entertainment.  He did some balloon animals, magic tricks and then took the kids on a treasure hunt.  As usual, the kids were laughing hysterically the whole time.  He’s just the best.

After that it was time to eat!  For the food, we got a couple of Costco sandwich platters, made a green salad, a potato salad and a pan of home made macaroni and cheese for the little ones.  I also made these cute rainbow fruit cups.

After we all ate it was time for cake!  To go along with the theme, I decided to attempt a rainbow cake.  It was a lot of work, especially since I made it all from scratch, but it actually turned out really cute and it was pretty tasty too (must have been the 8 sticks of butter in the frosting).

At the end, Stella opened her presents and now my house is overflowing with toys again.  She loved all the gifts, especially since her big sister is a tomboy and doesn’t have a single girly toy.  Stella got several dolls and purses and tons of girls stuff, which she just loves.

It was such a fun birthday for her this year and I’m a little sad it’s all over.  My little baby is growing up too fast!

Happy birthday Stella!


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