Yesterday I had my 32nd physical therapy appointment.  Yup, 32 two-hour appointments over almost 5 months that I had to endure to finally be discharged by my therapist.  It’s hard enough being a working mom to two small children, but trying to squeeze in two physical therapy appointments every week was near impossible.  There were so many times that I was driving there at 6:30am or after working all day when all I wanted to do was be home.  But, I was determined to complete the therapy and get my wrist back to as normal as possible.

I don’t have much pain anymore doing day to day activities.  Even when I’m exercising with weights or doing a yoga class, the pain is minimal.  However, my wrist is still really, really tight.  But, at this point, there’s not much more that therapy will do.  My doctor and my therapist both say that with time it will continue to improve and loosen up.  My doctor specifically is not too happy with how tight it still is, so he wants me to keep stretching it and continue my daily activities and if I hit a road block and it really bothers me, he wants to talk about surgery again.  Apparently there is some surgery that can be done to release all the tension, but the recovery is harder and longer than what I just went through.  Um…no thanks.  I think I can live with a tight wrist for the rest of my life (I hope).  It doesn’t bother me very much.  As far as daily life, I don’t really feel restricted in any way except for a few random things, like I can’t snap with my left hand, I can’t extend my fingers individually if I’m using them to count (I noticed this when trying to teach Stella how to count to ten), and my form is totally jacked up when I try to do a push up or side plank.  But really, those things are not totally necessary and I can live without being able to do them properly.  Here are some photos of me trying to bend and extend my injured wrist (on the right) compared to my healthy wrist (on the left):

As you can see, I’ve still got a ways to go.  I really hope my wrist continues to improve over time, but I am happy that I’ve got a little more time each week now.  What a relief!


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