I Have a 4 Year Old

I have a 4 year old! How did this happen? Wasn’t Annalie a baby just yesterday? She’s not even a toddler anymore! My, how time flies.
For her birthday this year, instead of doing presents and a party, we did fun trips. Vince and I took her to Brian Head to ski for her very first time. We put her in a lesson in the morning, which she didn’t love, but once we got her out of there and out on the slopes, she did great and loved it! She was cruising down the bunny hill all by herself! We went up about 5 times. I am so impressed with her!

Then, the other part of her birthday gift was we got her tickets to see the Fresh Beat Band in Phoenix (she is totally obsessed with them). While I was jet setting off to New York (which I’ll write up a recap of soon), Vince took her down to the show (I seriously have the most amazing husband ever). Her Nana also got her an authentic Fresh Beat Band rock star jacket to wear too. She was so excited at the show and just had such fun!

We took her to Craig Ranch Park to do her 4 year pictures. I love being able to take the photos myself. She even let me curl her hair! They turned out so cute.  Seriously, my kid could be a model.  She is so photogenic and gorgeous!

She is just the smartest, most beautiful, amazing daughter anyone could ask for.  The thing that I love the most about her is that even at such a young age, she knows exactly who she is, what she likes and doesn’t like and is proud of it.  I love just letting her be who she is and watching her blossom.  I get stopped so many times when we’re out in public and she’s wearing her Spiderman costume or has on her Iron Man mask and people tell me that I’m such a good mom for letting her be herself.  I just couldn’t imagine trying to not let her be her.  I hope she stays like this for her entire life.
Happy 4th birthday Annalie!  I love you!

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