On the Mend and Back in the Game

Six weeks after my accident and I finally feel like I am on the mend.  I got my cast off last week and today is the last day I have to wear a splint.  Tomorrow my arm will be free at last!  Unfortunately, though, I am far from being 100% recovered.  Although my broken bones are almost all the way healed by now, my muscles and tendons have a long way to go.  When your body experiences trauma of this sort and then is immobilized for several weeks, everything tightens up.  When my cast was first removed, I had almost zero range of motion in my wrist and only about 50% range of motion in my fingers.  I started physical therapy and have been doing stretches, applying heat and icing my wrist and it is slowly but surely getting a little more movement.  The stretches really hurt and I hate doing them.  I have to do about 15 minutes of stretches 6 times a day, which makes my wrist and hand really, really sore.  My physical therapist thinks I will need about two months of physical therapy twice a week to get myself as fully recovered as possible.  He also says I’ll never be 100% again, but he’ll try to get me close.  So, I’ll just keep trucking along, looking forward to the day when I can put this all behind me.

My doctor had instructed me to hold off on exercising until my next appointment in a month, but I just couldn’t wait.  The day after I got my cast removed, I loaded up the girls in my double jogging stroller and was about to walk them to the park when my oldest daughter asked if I was going to run that day.  I thought about it for a minute and said, “Yes, I am going to run today!”  So instead of our 2 mile walk to and from the park that I had been doing, I did a three mile run with them.  I’m not going to lie.  It was really, really hard.  I felt like I was going to die.  My knees were hurting by the end and I wanted to collapse, but I did it.  And later, when I had recovered, I felt so good.  I was so worried about getting motivated to get back into exercise after this whole fiasco, but not anymore.  Since then I have gone for two other 4 mile runs, one of which I set a new personal record for myself, running just under a 9-minute mile pace.  I’m so happy to be back in the game (at least partially) and I finally feel like myself again.


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