Halloween 2013 Photos

Every year since Annalie was born, I’ve gotten professional photos taken at Halloween and each year I pick the best photo and put it up on our china cabinet in a Halloween frame. 

Annalie has really gotten into superheroes lately, so naturally she wanted to be one for Halloween.  She originally wanted to be Iron Man, so I was a little relieved when she fell in love with a Spiderman costume she saw at Costco.  After all, Spiderman is a way cooler superhero than Iron Man.  He’s the wholesome nerdy underdog that gets to feel cool when he saves the day.  Iron Man, on the other hand, is the playboy of superheroes.  He likes to party and is always surrounded by half naked women. 

This year, since I have my own DSLR camera now and a backdrop stand, I took my own photos.  We did a few of the basic “stand next to each other” photos and then I told my girls to give me their best superhero poses.  Annalie just started going to town, posing away in some pretty funny stances and Stella just wanted to copy her big sister.  It made for some pretty hilarious photos. 

And the chosen photo for this year that is now framed and will be pulled out every October:

My girls are just the biggest hams and I just love them to pieces!

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