My First Photo Shoot

When I bought my DSLR camera, my only motivation for learning how to use it was to be able to take halfway decent pictures of my kids without spending a fortune on a photographer (thence justifying the cost of the camera).  Well now that I’ve kind of gotten the hang of how to use the camera, I wanted to put my skills to the test, and what better opportunity than to volunteer to take maternity photos of my beautiful sister-in-law.  She gladly accepted my request to do her maternity photos, so Vince and I got to work on a DIY photography backdrop stand.  I followed the instructions here, except we made ours a little higher because we would be using it for adults and children.  It cost about $20.00 and took my husband about an hour to make.  I then ordered two rolls of seamless savage paper from (one white and one black) for about $35 each.

We set up the backdrop in my garage and opened the door for some nice natural lighting.  For the “indoor” photos, we did a lot of bare belly shots, so I won’t post any of those here because I feel they are more personal in nature, but they did turn out beautifully.

We then went over to Wetlands Park, which is right down the street from me, and did some outdoor photos.  These were my favorite and we couldn’t have picked a better time to go.  We had a very wet monsoon season, so the park was in full desert bloom.

Overall I am so happy with how all of the photos turned out and my sister-in-law just loves them too.  Photography is quite a fun little hobby!


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