Our 2013 Family Vacation

This year we were fortunate enough to be invited back to the Coronado beach cottages with our good friends, the Gouse’s.  We’ve missed them dearly since they moved to New Mexico last October, so it was just wonderful being able to spend a week with them.

We started out our vacation a day early because we wanted to go to Disneyland this year.  I was a little worried about how it would play out with naps and such, and we really wanted to take advantage of the whole day, and everything just worked out perfectly.  We got there just as the park was opening and hit several rides without even having to wait in line.  Around lunch time, Stella started getting tired and took a nap in my arms while we ate.  Then later on, Annalie fell asleep in the stroller while Stella played in the toddler area.  We were able to stay until about 8pm, which was fantastic!  The longest we waited to get on any ride was about 20 minutes, and most of them was about 5 minutes.  It was such a fun day and the kids had a blast.

After Disneyland, we headed down to Coronado Island to check in to our beach cottage and meet up with our friends.  The kids were so excited to play on the beach.  Our first night, Candice’s aunt and uncle were visiting from LA and they brought with them some amazing food and a case of the most delicious wine I’ve ever had.  We had such a fun night relaxing, eating and drinking.

The next day we pretty much just chilled at the beach cottage all day.  We took a few trips down to the water and let the kids play in the sand.  It was a perfect day.  That night, Fred (aka our amazing chef) cooked up a delicious low country boil and we opened up the special bottle of wine that we brought.  It couldn’t have been better.

On Tuesday, we took the kids to the San Diego Safari Zoo.  It was probably the most picturesque zoo I’ve ever been to.  It would be an amazing place to do family photos.  The only downside was it was a lot of walking and we didn’t get to see too many animals.  But, the kids seemed to enjoy it, so that’s all that mattered.

On Wednesday, we took the kids over to the tide pools at Point Loma.  It was really fun to see all the sea creatures there and you couldn’t ask for a better view.  One strange thing we saw was several whole lobster shells washed up on the beach.  It was odd, but the kids were fascinated.

On Thursday, we went to the little village on the island and went shopping.  The kids all got little souvenirs and some yummy treats.  That night, we all got dressed up and took family photos on the beach.  I really love how they turned out.



Sadly, on Friday, it was time to go home.  The week flew by so fast and it was so hard saying goodbye to our friends.  Annalie had so much fun with her BFF Peyton that it was hard for her to say goodbye as well.  I also had the worst post vacation blues when we got home too.  But, they’ve already booked our cottages again for next year, so I’m already counting down the days!


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