A typical day…

If you don’t have kids and you wonder what a stay at home mom does all day, let me give you a little preview. Now, technically I am not a stay at home mom. I work outside the home three days a week, so I really feel like I live in both worlds. Today was a stay at home day and it went like this:

5:30am – Stella wakes up, nurse her in bed, we all go back to sleep.
7:00am – Stella and Annalie wake up. Get up, have breakfast and kiss Vince goodbye.
8:00am – Get the kids ready, start laundry, get in the shower while the kids destroy my bedroom.
9:00am – Quick snack for the kids, which now made my kitchen a mess too, and off to the Rec Center for Annalie’s class.
9:45am – Class for Annalie. Try to keep Stella from bothering the kids, destroying their art projects, and standing on the chairs.
10:45am – Play date with neighbor at splash pad. Of course I forgot swimsuits so had to strip them naked before going home.
12:00pm – Lunch at home where Stella feeds everything to the dog and Annalie eats two bites. Do more laundry. Kitchen is even bigger mess.
1:00pm – Stella goes down for a nap. Annalie isn’t tired yet and wants to go swimming. So we swim so she’ll get tired out. Catch up on emails and phone calls from work poolside.
2:00pm – Annalie is finally tired. Put her down for a nap after reading “just one more book” about 5 times. Do more laundry.
2:30pm – Put in my workout DVD and hope I can get my workout done before Stella wakes up (which amazingly did happen).
3:30pm – Literally the second I turn off the DVD Stella wakes up (looks like no down time for me). Do more laundry. Play with Stella.
4:30pm – Annalie wakes up and Vince gets home from work. Have a beer and finally relax for a bit while he cooks dinner  and the kids play.
6:00pm – Eat dinner, clean up kitchen, go for a family walk (if it’s not too hot).
7:00pm – Bath time for the kids.
8:00pm – Stories and bed for Stella.
8:30pm – Pick up the house while Vince does stories and bed for Annalie.
9:00pm – Try to finish laundry, make lunches for the next day. If I’m lucky, watch about 1/2 hour of TV.
10:00pm – Pass out from sheer exhaustion.
So that is a typical stay-at-home day for me. Whew…I’m exhausted just writing it all out.

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