400 ounces

That’s the amount of breast milk that I recently donated to a mom in need. 

When Stella, my 15 month old, was about 10 months old, she started drinking less and less breast milk on the days I was away at work. So everyday I worked, I was stockpiling breast milk since I was pumping more than what she was drinking. My freezer started getting taken over by breast milk (three whole shelves to be exact). I was just contemplating what in the world I was going to do with it all, especially since some of it was from November, putting it right around six months old, which is when they say you should use it or dump it, when a friend of mine asked if I had any extra breast milk I could give to a mom in need. Her friend, the mother of a 6 month old boy, was in the ICU. She couldn’t nurse her baby because of the medication she was being given and her baby would not drink any formula. It was perfect timing. Vince took over a huge cooler full of frozen milk and the father was so grateful. He didn’t have enough room in his freezer, so he sent Vince home with some frozen ravioli and other frozen foods so they could make room in the freezer for the milk. 
I was just happy to have my freezer back and not to have to dump all that precious milk, but tonight I received a lovely text message from the mother. She is back home and healthy again. Her milk supply took a hit while she was in the hospital, so while she is working on getting it back up, she nurses her baby and then tops him off with a “Julia bottle” as she calls it. I’m so happy that she is home and healthy again and that I could help her and her baby out. What an amazing feeling.

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