Our First Case of Bronchitis…and a Confession

A few days ago Annalie woke up with a little cough.  See seemed a little under the weather and later in the day was running a fever, but it didn’t seem too serious until we put her to bed.  She went to sleep just fine, but woke up later wheezing and struggling to breathe.  I tried having her breathe in the cold air from the freezer, since cold air can help clear lungs, but when that didn’t help, I called the nurses line that our insurance provides and at her recommendation, took Annalie in to an after hours pediatric clinic.

When we got there, they took her stats, ran some tests on her oxygen levels, took cultures from her mouth and nose, and did a chest x-ray.  They concluded that she had bronchitis.  This was the first time Annalie had come down with this.  My poor little girl.

Now I’ll admit I’m a bit of a hippie, especially when it  comes treating illness for myself or my kids.  If any of us are suffering from a sickness or ailment, I will always try natural remedies first before jumping to over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions.  For example, if one of my kids is running a fever, I generally do not give them anything for it, unless it is 102 degrees or higher.  Having a fever is the body’s natural way of fighting off an infection and when you take down that fever with Tylenol or Motrin, you’re taking away your body’s ability to naturally defend itself.  For sore throats, I use hot water, apple cider vinegar and lemon.  And for pretty much anything skin related, my go to remedy is breastmilk.  I’ve even used breastmilk to treat my own eye infection (a couple of drops in the eyes a few times throughout the day and it was gone overnight).  I really feel like people in general are often overmedicated, so I take my own approach to treating illness with my family. 

When my kids get sick (which is not very oftrn), if it’s warranted, I’ll always take them in to be seen by their doctor, and usually they are prescribed antibiotics and other prescription drugs (cough syrups, steroids, etc.).  However (and here’s my confession), I have yet to actually give my kids most of the medicine they have been prescribed.  I always get the prescriptions filled, but then I use a “wait and see” approach before starting them on anything.  If they are not showing signs of improvement or getting worse, I start them on the meds right away, but most of the time they’ve gotten over the sickness on their own within a few days with some rest, lots of fluids and fresh air (I’m also a firm believer that sick kids should not be cooped up in a house where all the germs are, but should be outside getting fresh air if they feel up to it).
So back to our experience at the after hours clinic.  After running all of the tests and diagnosing Annalie with bronchitis, within a matter of about 15 minutes they had pumped her full of so many different drugs and sugars (an antibiotic, then a popcicle as a reward for taking the antibiotic, then a steroid, then a ring pop as a reward for taking the steroid, then a breathing treatment, then a pain killer), that is was no suprise to me when immediately after they had given her everything she proceeded to throw it all up.  I think that her little body just couldn’t handle it.  After her oxygen levels had come up, they sent us home with a nebulizer and a prescription for a steroid and an antibiotic.

When we got home, Annalie slept very well the rest of the night and woke up acting her usual self.  She was running, jumping, eating, drinking and being silly.  Other than a cough, you would have never known she was sick.  I had to bribe her with juice and television to get her to rest every so often.  So, we went ahead and filled the prescriptions, but I decided to take my wait and see approach with starting her on them.  Now, if she had been lethargic, running a fever, laying around and not being herself, I would have started her on them right away.  But because she was running around and being her happy self, I decided to hold off for a day or two and see how she was doing.  I did keep her on the breathing treatments every 3 hours because of her cough, but held off on the antibiotics and the steriod.

By day two her cough was not getting worse, but it wasn’t getting better either so I started her in the meds. She’s still been her usual self, so it’s been hard making her stay home this week, but I don’t want her to exert herself too much and I also don’t want her getting any other kids sick. I’m glad she’s on the road to recovery and am just praying that the rest of our family doesn’t catch it.

One thought on “Our First Case of Bronchitis…and a Confession

  1. I love that Jules. Your approach is perfect. I feel like Dr's are getting a kickback from the drug companies I swear. I too, wait before giving Cassidy the prescriptions. She threw up the last time with it and we didn't give it to her again.

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