Re-Introduction Into the World of Blogging

After a long hiatus of say, oh, almost 3 years, I have finally decided (and think I have found a little spare time) to start blogging again.  The last entry I had was when I turned 30 and my baby turned 6 months old.  Well, now I’m about to turn 33 (oh my!) and my oldest daughter is almost 3 1/2, while my youngest daughter is 14 months old.  Life has been such a whirlwind these last few years between taking care of my oldest, being pregnant, having a baby and a toddler and juggling a part time job, house, husband and everything else that life throws at you.  It is crazy, busy, hard and yet I am so happy and fulfilled.  I hope to update this blog more often with stories about my life, my kids and trying to balance everything that a working mom’s life demands.


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