My Awesome Lunch…

I love to cook and I love food, however, since having kids and getting so tired of being interrupted while making a meal and having kids clinging to my legs wanting to be picked up or a baby needing to be fed, I decided to hand over the reins to Vince.  After all, I cooked for him for previous years (although he did cook for me while I was going to school), so I think it is a fair trade off.  I am so lucky to have a husband who not only doesn’t mind doing all the cooking, but is actually quite a good cook.  I really lucked out.

We have found a cooking blog that we just love.  I would say over half of our meals are from recipes on this blog.  It is  Her food is amazing.  Most of it is easy to prepare, without any special ingredients that we have to run all over town in search of, and the kids usually like it.  Last night Vince made Smoked Salmon Chowder from her blog and is it amazing.  It’s creamy and smoky, has bacon and sweet corn and I could just devour it (in fact I devoured two giant bowls last night).  Thank goodness Mel has a large family and most her recipes cater towards large families, so we usually have left overs for lunch the next day.  So, today I got to enjoy the delicious Smoked Salmon Chowder that my hubby made me last night for lunch today.  Check out her blog…you will not be disappointed!


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