I’m 30 and she’s 6 months!

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday our precious little baby was born and now she’s already 6 months old and I’m 30! This last month has been a busy one. Vince turned 40 in June, then two weeks later I turned 30 and then two weeks later Annalie turned 6 months. A lot of milestone birthdays!

I took Annalie up to Orem for a week to visit my mom. My sister was up there as well with her 4 kids. It was a lot of fun spending time with all of them and the kids just love having a baby around. Annalie was so good on the flight too! Here’s a picture of all the kids:

And this one was taken right before we went on a hike up Provo Canyon…thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn!
For my birthday (the 4th of July) we had a nice bbq/pool party at our house with Vince’s family and some close friends. I can’t believe I’m thirty years old! This is me and Annalie at the party:
Then, shortly after, we started Annalie on solid foods. This is a picture of her eating her first “meal” of oatmeal…yummy! She is quite the eater. So far, we’ve given her oatmeal, bananas, avocado (her favorite), butternut squash and sweet potato and she likes everything! She always eats whatever I give her. I’ve been making all my own baby food and it’s been really fun!

This picture was taken on July 18th, her 6 month birthday. She weighed in at 15.2 lb. and is 25.5 inches long.

She’s doing so much better now that a few months ago. She is sleeping much better (although she still doesn’t sleep through the night). I’m starting to think I will never ever get a full nights sleep for the rest of my life! But, she only wakes up once to eat, so I can’t complain too much. She is a very happy baby these days. She laughs and squeals in delight at the dogs and when I tickle her. She is so much fun to play with. She grabs everything she can get her hands on and loves household objects way more than her toys (water bottles, mixing bowls, wooden spoons, etc.). She’s not sitting on her own or crawling yet, but she’s getting really close. I feel like she is really becoming a person now. This is a fun age!

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