A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. On Friday, we drove down to Aliso Viejo to meet up with our friends Crystal and Rob at her sister’s house. We had a really good time taking walks around the area (a very nice area, might I add), eating sushi, going to the beach and having a good ol’ backyard barbecue (charcoal grill and all!). It was great catching up with them, getting to see Crystal’s mom Marie and getting to know Crystal’s neice and nephew (very cute kids). Here’s a few pictures from our trip:

Our morning walk to Starbucks

Annalie hanging out with Marie

The guys with the strollers…can we say “Soccer Dad”?

A great view of Laguna Beach

Annalie’s first trip to the beach

Rob putting together the grill for our backyard barbecue

Daddy and daughter, so cute!

Aww, gonna be a good mom someday!
Back in Vegas, on Monday we had a little family pool party and barbecue. We took Annalie swimming with us, lots of fun!
Look at those styling girls with their shades!

Annalie with Grandma

Annalie with Grandpa

What a great weekend it was!


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