How much my priorities have changed…

It is so funny how having a baby instantly changes up your priorities. There are so many things that I used to think were so important that now I could really care less about or just don’t have the time to care about. So, I thought I’d make a list…it’s actually quite humorous:
-Shaving – Yup, shaving. I’m lucky if I can get through a long enough shower just to wash my body and hair, so shaving has become a luxury that usually only happens on the weekends (my poor husband!).
-Hair & make-up – Hats are my new best friend and I can’t even remember that last time I put on eyeshadow, blush or eyeliner. I used to color coordinated my shadow with my outfit, now it’s just the basics because let’s be real…I usually only get out of the house to go to Walmart these days, and like the clientele there really cares!
-Handbags – Don’t get me wrong, I love my handbags and I have a nice (little) collection of designer bags. Before the baby, I used to switch out my bag to coordinate with my outfit and jewelry…but seriously, I don’t have time for that and who wants to carry a diaper bag AND a purse? So, my diaper bag has become my purse (good thing it’s a Dooney!), but I’m really bad because even when I go out without Annalie, I still take the diaper bag because I don’t have time to switch it out.
-Jewelry – I love my jewelry. Vince has always been really good about giving me pieces as birthday presents, etc. But these days, it’s just so pointless to wear it when it’s going to get snagged on Annalie’s clothes or scratch her face or get her little fingers caught in it. So, I wear my wedding ring (sometimes) and some simple earrings. The rest is collecting dust.
-Heels – My poor shoes are so neglected! But, really, high heels while pushing a stroller through Babies R Us is not ideal. I love my sneakers!
-Designer Clothes – What’s the point in putting on one of my designer tops and getting drool/spit-up/poop/etc. on it? T-shirts and Jeans (if it’s a good day, usually it’s yoga pants) are my typical attire.
-Sitting down to eat a meal – Most of my meals these days are eaten while holding a baby, who inevitably wants to be rocked. So, I am usually standing at the counter scarfing down food while rocking Annalie.
-Doing anything with 2 hands – Eating, typing, laundry…I’ve become quite good at doing things one-handed! I’m still trying to master chopsticks with my left hand…that one’s tough!
So, yes, having a baby changes your life in more ways than one! Here’s a few recent pictures I’ve snapped of Annalie. She’s the cutest baby in the whole world! Enjoy!

At Sunset Park with Maris
At Aliente Park
On Mother’s Day
SiSitting with Dad after swim lessons

In St. George


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