The Bump Progress….

I’ve been getting a lot of “requests” from people who want to see the “bump”….so here you go! I’m officially 27 weeks along, 13 to go and feeling great! I’ve just entered the 3rd trimester, which is the hardest, so I’m hoping I will continue to feel good these last few months.
I had my 1 hour glucose test at the doctor on Monday, which is a test they do to see if you have gestational diabetes (a form of diabetes that pregnant women get) and I falied it. So, tomorrow I have to go do the 3 hour test, which consists of fasting for 15 hours (yikes!) and getting my blood taken every hour for 3 hours (I’ll probably pass out)…so not fun. But, as long as I pass, that’s all that matters.
We just started on the nursery (definitely a little later than I had hoped) but we are making headway, so I’ll post pictures of that soon.
Our baby shower is next weekend and we are really looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the arrival of Anillie!

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