Eeeeeek…a mouse!!!!

Sunday night, I was in the garage taking out some garbage and I heard some rustling noises near where we keep our dog food. I went over to investigate and a little field mouse came running out and to the back of the garage. I screamed so loud I think I woke up half the neighbors and scared my dogs to death! Of course, this week, Vince is out of town for work, so I was left to “deal” with this creature on my own.

First thing Monday morning, I called our pest control guy, who was happy to come by the next day and put out some traps for me.

Well, I get home from work last night, cautiously getting out of my car because I know that these newly placed traps could potentially hold the little bugger. And, what do you know, the mouse was already caught! Now, this would have been happy news to me, except that the “traps” that were placed in my garage weren’t the typical mouse traps that kill the mouse. These were just pieces of heavy duty paper with some kind of really sticky glue on them. So, the poor little mouse was stuck to this paper and STILL ALIVE!!!!

It was so sad seeing it struggle to get free, but it was pretty stuck, and especially being in my pregnant condition, I wasn’t about to go near it for fear of diseases and/or getting bit, etc… So, I called my father-in-law to come over and “take care of it”.

He showed up and actually felt bad for the mouse too, he even tried to free it from the sticky paper to let it go free outside, but it was not coming unglued, and it was looking more mangled by the minute. He eventually put it out of it’s misery (I won’t tell you how, but I couldn’t even watch!) and threw it away…thank goodness this morning was trash day.

So, now my garage is mouse free, thanks to my father-in-law, and you can bet that if this ever happens again, I’m just going with the good ol’ fashioned mouse traps so that the little guy doesn’t have to suffer.


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