It’s a Girl!

Well, it’s official, we are going to be proud parents of a baby girl! I am so excited!!!! I would have been happy with either sex since this is the first one, but I really wanted to have a daughter at some point, so this is wonderful news! Vince, of course, is already dreading having to buy a shotgun when she starts dating, but he is very excited to have a daughter.
She was a little squirmy, as usual, during the ultrasound and was actually sitting with her legs crossed at first (such a lady already!), so most of the pictures didn’t turn out very well. She now weighs in at 9 ounces, which is a couple of ounces about the average, so she is a little chunk! Hopefully she won’t be too big when it comes time to deliver.
Here’s a great profile picture we got today:


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