The Annual Izzolo Hannumas Party

Last night we hosted our annual Hannumas (Hanukah & Christmas) party at our home. We had lots of yummy Italian food, a chocolate fountain and even spiked egg nog! Bad Santa made his appearance around 9:30pm and no one was safe from his wrath! It turned out to be a very fun party and it was so nice to get together with everyone. Here’s some pictures from the party:

Maris and Howard

Some of the guys…Mike, Danny and Al

Christin, Frank and Mike

Andi, me and Kari
Bad Santa had one of his elves this year!
Danny taking his turn with Bad Santa!
Mike didn’t like his gift from Bad Santa!
Christin, Kelly and Jon

Group picture!

Andi, me and Christy being goofy with the decorations…

Mike, Bill, Rosy and Jon

Jason and Christy

Rose rockin out on Guitar Hero!

Rose, Suzy and me

Heidi and me posing by the Christmas tree

Vince, Cora, Amy and little Connor…so cute!

Ted, Stacey and Dave

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah!


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