Our First Thanksgiving as Hosts

This year was our very first time hosting Thanksgiving at our house. We had Vince’s family over (Al, Cora, Eleanor, Anisa and Yuriko, a family friend). I’ve decided this year, that the thing I am most thankful for is all those years that my mother prepared a magnificent Thanksgiving feast…now I know how much work it is! Even with some help from the family, I began my cooking at 10am on Thanksgiving Day and literally did not stop until we were eating our dessert at 10pm! Needless to say, I was exhausted, but it was so well worth the hard work. The butternut squash soup was rich and creamy, the stuffing scrumptous and the turkey was very moist and flavorful…not bad for my first try!

Al and Cora posing for a pre-feast picture!

Vince with his Grandmother, Eleanor

Me and the doggies…notice that Sumo is looking at the food on the table (:

My, oh, my, that is a beautiful looking bird!
Mmmmmm….almost time to dig in!

All right, enough pictures, let’s eat!
Then, today (Black Friday) instead of resting and getting some much needed sleep, my crazy friend Christy talked me into going shopping at 7am this morning to catch all the great sales! Unfortunately, they weren’t all that great, but it was fun spending time with her…thanks Christy!
Later this evening we went out to dinner for my mother-in-law’s birthday at Sam’s Town. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they have completely decked out the “Park” in Christmas lights, and of course, a huge Christmas tree! So, we had to take a moment to walk around and enjoy the scenery, taking a little time to snap some pictures.

My hubby and me enjoying the Christmas decor at Sam’s Town

The Izzolo ladies!

Family picture!
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my wonderful family, the Izzolo’s, Washburn’s, Sullivan’s and the Creel’s. I am also very thankful for our wonderful friends, with all that we’ve been through, they feel like family too. I am thankful to be employed, even though my work has had to layoff about half the company and cut us down to 4-day work weeks, I am still employed and so is Vince. I am very thankful for my health and most of all for my partner in life, Vince, and our two precious doggies, Sumo and Bella…they keep me going every day with their love.

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