A Haunting Halloween

We started off our Halloween celebration this year by going to Brett’s annual Halloween Party. It just gets bigger and better every year! DJ, dance floor, bartenders, lots of food, decorations everywhere (some were just outright disgusting) and lots and lots of people dressed up in costume. Here’s a few pictures of the party…

The girl’s Chinese Olympic Gymnastic Team chalking up their legs (so wrong is so many ways…)

Here’s me as Amy Winehouse all ready to party!

Joe-the-Plumber with Six-Pack-Abs

Christin was Marie Antoinette…so beautiful!

Nudie Flyer Hander Outer…nice Distler

Richard Simmons and Amy Winehouse

Andi and Brian were very creative! Brian was “Upside down in my house” and Andi was a Serial Killer (get it…Cereal Killer…she’s got cheerios glued to her)

Beautiful Rose was “Maid in Heaven” and Bill was a cowboy riding his horse

The Ganstas!

I’m still not quite sure what Mike was, a hand?? And this party just wouldn’t be the same without a naked old lady…thanks Frank!

Suzi was “Gretchen” and she’s getting molested by Big Foot!

Carrie, the naughty catholic girl, and the flapper girl Amy with me!

Group picture with some of the ladies…

Group picture with some of the guys…
For the actual Halloween night, we had Vince’s family over (including Anisa’s dog Nala and Grandma’s dog Paddy) for a pumpking dinner. All the dogs were in costume as we handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

Nala was a hotdog!

Paddy was a pumpkin!

Bella was a witch!

And Sumo was a Spider!

Fun was had by all, and the trick-or-treaters got a kick out of the doggies in costume. Happy Halloween!


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