Visit with an old friend…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Rochester, New York to visit my long time friend Crystal and to meet her fiance Rob. They were the best hosts anyone could ask for and the weekend turned out to be such a fun visit!

Friday night they took me to The Social for dinner, which is a tapas restaurant. The food was delicious and I got to hear all about Rob’s research project that he’s working on to get his PhD at the U of R. He is a really smart guy!

After dinner, we went bar hopping! It was great…a little reminder of my college days. After a few hours and many rounds of drinks later, we headed home, but not before experiencing the ultimate drunken munchies…STREET MEAT! These vendors actually set up food stands right outside the bars, so when you come stumbling out at 2am and have the munchies…well, let’s just say I’m sure they aren’t hurting for business.

Saturday morning, after sleeping off our hangovers, Crystal and I walked over to a bagel place to get coffee and bagels. After that we went on a long walk through this old, gorgeous cemetery. Sounds kinda creepy, but it is so beautiful. Some of the grave stones date back to the 1800’s, and there are also these above ground “buildings” where the wealthiest people would be buried.

Later that day Crystal took me to the cutest part of town called Park Ave. where we strolled up and down the streets looking at the old beautiful houses, browsing in boutique shops and of course, stopping at the chocolate store for some sweets…yummy!

Saturday night we made Shabu-Shabu for dinner with some Sake we picked up at the liquor store. The food was so good, and so healthy…I think I’m hooked! I also got the pleasure (after much coaxing) of hearing Rob’s Stewie impression (think Family Guy)….he he….hilarious!!

Sunday came way too fast, as it was just about time to leave. But, not before taking a little tour of the University of Rochester where Rob is working on his PhD. He took us around to all the different labs where he conducts his experiments. The best part was the computer room where they analyze the data. The graphics program they use displays electron density images that are actually in 3D so you get to put on these funny looking glasses and see a 3D image of the RNA’s that he is manipulating. It is very cool!!
It was such a fun weekend, and so great to catch up with Crystal after over 2 years apart. It was so good to see her so happy.

Crystal and Rob are such great people, I miss you both already! I can’t wait to see you again at Christmas.


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