Home Sweet Home

We’re finally home and back to normal life after our vacation to Europe. The remainder of our trip was fantastic! We explored the Acropolis in Athens, hung out with the town mascot in Mykonos (a very large pelican) and played at the beach in Split, Croatia. When we were off the boat and the cruise was over, we spent the next day and night in Venice. Venice was very interesting, it is literally a city built on water. Instead of having automobile taxis, they have water taxis that take you through the canals to your destination. We ventured over to Murano Island, famouns for its glassmaking and also visited St. Mark’s Square, and some other sights. The next morning we flew to London and spent the day visiting Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye. At night, we went to see a musical called Blood Brothers, which was excellent. London has a huge theater district and lots of nightlife. We could have stayed there for a few days just to experience everything! We did get to each fish & chips at the REAL Crown & Anchor! The next morning was our long flight back home to Vegas and the real world.

Overall our vacation was full of fun times sight seeing, learning about history, eating local foods and drinking local wines and beers, exploring every city on foot, laughing our asses off and emjoying being out of the country on vacation. It is an experience I will cherish forever and now I long to get back out there and do more travelling! Hopefully soon…

To view a photo album I make with some of the 600 pictures I took, go to the following link:




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