Modern Day Torture

Well, I was going to officially kick off my blog tomorrow when we landed in Rome, but I had such an experience yesterday, that I had to write about it…

You ever get those e-mails with pictures of women from exotic countries that inflict tortuous pain upon themselves to make them look better in the eyes of their culture? You know the pictures of the ladies that stack the metal coils around their necks to stretch them out, or the Chinese women who stuff their feet into these tiny little shoes? We all just shake our head and wonder how they can do that do their bodies…all for beauty.

Well, now I have realized that even though we make shake our heads at them, they must be doing the same thing at some of our beauty practices. The one in particular I am referring to is WAXING!!!

So, because I’m leaving on a two week vacation today, half of which will be spent on a cruise, I decided it would be so convenient to wax my bikini area so that I wouldn’t have to shave it every day. I went to the store and bought the prettiest waxing kit…it looked so soothing with lavender and honey extracts. It was even called a “Spa Waxing Kit”, making my mind think of a relaxing massage and facial at a luxurious spa. Boy was I wrong!

Being my first time waxing anything, I read the instructions fully, melted the wax in the microwave, applied some to one side of my bikini area, put on the paper strip, pressed down, held my breath……and…….rip! Now, I don’t know if it was the tears in my eyes or the blood oozing out of my hair follicles that began first, but I do know that the pain was the most severe amount of pain that I have ever voluntarily inflicted upon myself. The blood curdling scream that came out of my mouth the moment I ripped off that piece of paper must have made my neighbors thing I was being murdered.

However, never wanting to let a tremendous amount of pain step in the way of my beauty, I decided to persevere and do another strip. I moved to the other side, mostly because the area I did was still bleeding pretty bad. I applied the wax, put on the paper strip, pressed down, and once again…! Holy mother of God….this one hurt worse than the last one!!!!! Now, not only was I bleeding from both sides of my bikini area, but I was also developing bruising on my left side.

That was it….I was done. Never mind that I looked like Steve Carrel from 40 Year Old Virgin with only two sections of my bikini area waxed and blood coming out of my hair follicles…..I WAS DONE!!!

Today, I was very happy to pull out my oh so soothing razor and shaving cream and shave off the rest of it. I will never again shake my head at another culture that inflicts torture for beauty…because our culture does it too!!!

Oh, and by the way, the two areas that I did manage to wax, over 24 hours ago are still very bright pink and tender.


2 thoughts on “Modern Day Torture

  1. HA! Jules I love that you even attempted it. Such a strong woman, and to do the second strip despite needing a blood transfusion from the first one. I will forever be a razor girl, unless they come up with a COMPLETELY painless way to remove the hair for good. I am such a wuss. Have a good trip woman!! Lots of pictures!!! xoxoxo

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